Friday, January 21

“Every time I show my ID, people look at me like a freak, thinking ‘Here it says you’re a woman, but you look like a man'”

  • Daniel Pardo
  • BBC Mundo correspondent in Colombia

Mike Nicolás Duran

Image source, Sebastian Castillo

Mike Nicolás Durán, a jovial 30-year-old from Bogotá living in Medellín, was the first Colombian to be identified as a transsexual person in the civil registry.

After a two-year legal odyssey that counted on the advice of Alejandro Diez and Manuela Gómez, lawyers of the diverse sexuality group of the EAFIT university legal office, on May 7 of this year Mike celebrated the T in the registration as who was won the lottery.

Now, however, he is on the eve of knowing if he won his last battle: that his ID also identifies him with a T.

“I am neither a man nor a woman, I am trans and I need my identity card to say so so that my integrity and dignity are respected,” he tells BBC Mundo.

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