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Everything ready for the second season of ‘Drag Race’

Javier Ambrossi, Javier Calvo, Supreme de Luxe and Ana Locking.

“It is painful to fire someone with so much talent”, says Supremme, the presenter of the talent that begins on Sunday in Atresplayer Premium

Iker Cortes

Nineteen emmys and a good handful of international adaptations endorse ‘Drag Race’, the ‘talent-show’ in which several queens of the night compete, through various challenges and lip-sync battles, to be the best. After the success of the first season, released in May of last year -the Spanish version has been the best valued by IMDB, the most important film and television database-, this Sunday, at 8:00 p.m. The second one is underway in Atresplayer Premium with important news. To begin with, says Steve Kelly, director of the format, the eight episodes become ten and the participants will increase from ten to twelve. All of them will try to live up to Carmen Farala, the winner of the previous season.

Carmen Ferreiro, director of Entertainment Programs at Atresmedia, says that if there is one word that defines this new season, it is ‘more’. “More show, more show, more humor, more chapters, more queens, more talent, more guests, more charisma and more involvement of the jury,” describes the board, who prefers not to reveal the surprises that will configure a contest that will feature Gloria Trevi as guest head of a jury that, yes, repeats.

The great Supremme de Luxe will return as master of ceremonies, along with the Javis -Calvo and Ambrossi- and the designer Ana Locking. Locking, by the way, has been in charge of creating the fantasy wardrobe with which Supremme de Luxe will liven up every evening.

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Supremme de Luxe says that they have experienced the recording of the program in a “very intense” way. «I feel a lot of emotion with anything and this year you are going to see that we have had a much worse time. They are very talented and it is very difficult to send someone with a lot of talent to their homes, “warns the presenter.

Javier Calvo agrees on this. «The first day we realized that the season was coming very strong, that the level was very high and that we were going to have a very bad time. Many times we have stopped the recording and we have gone out to debate who we expelled. “Almost always,” adds his partner, Ambrossi, laughing. So much so that some of the guests who have attended the program reproached them that “they had come to have a good time” and that “that was a drama,” they comment with laughter.

It does not seem, however, that the tone of the space will change. In these times in which reality shows and ‘talent-shows’ are in question, ‘Drag Race’ is committed to avoiding, as far as possible, salsa and controversy. “I don’t want to be more cane, I want a ‘talent’ in which we are kind and in which we know how to value the effort,” says the presenter. Precisely, says Calvo, it is one of the aspects that they have liked the most outside of Spain. «They have told us that it was obvious that we had empathy, that we did not give them a hard time for giving them a hard time, but that we wanted them to be well. Only from security, tranquility and freedom does creativity and something authentic arise. Actors and actresses only shine when they are sure of themselves », she sentences. “We have made a mark of it and we will continue to do so,” continues Ambrossi.

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Less faithful to the original

They do not hide the fact that being such a well-known program with so much life outside of Spain, in the first season they were somewhat more self-conscious. «We were afraid, it is an iconic program, which we had seen a lot, and it could play against us. We tried to be more faithful. But later they have recognized us a lot for the affection and closeness with the contestants and now we are not being so faithful, “says Ambrossi, who has taken this new edition with other airs:” I want things to happen to me, make mistakes, say nonsense and bet for my subjectivity.

And they deny, roundly, that the tests are corseted. «It is that it is the format that it is. As much as I want to sing in whispers in ‘La voz’, I’m not going to be able to and I’ll have to adapt to the format and take advantage of adversity”, says Supremme convinced, who also highlights that if the contest works so well “we’re not going to be so stupid to change it». For her part, Ana Locking considers that queens favor closed challenges. “They are prettier and more magical, because they require narrative, than if we simply ask them to use the color pink for a certain test. I believe that restrictions help creativity”, concludes the fashion designer.

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