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Everything that comes and will come to Torrellano

Works in Torrellano

Works in Torrellano

The mayor of Elche, Carlos González, accompanied by the councilors of Maintenance, Héctor Díez, and of Pedanías, Vicente Alberola, has visited this morning the works to improve the sidewalks that are being carried out in the district of Torrellano. A performance that is framed in a public infrastructure improvement plan in the urban area and in the districts and that will mean the largest investment in Torrellano in recent decades.

“Overall, the investment that is being carried out in Torrellano exceeds the ten million euros, taking into account the improvement of sports facilities, the reform of educational centers and this action that we are visiting today, which is part of the plan to modernize the public highway ”, the mayor pointed out.

Carlos González has indicated that with regard to the improvements of the public highway, at the moment renovation works of sidewalks are underway for a value of 240.000 euros. It is taking place in more than a dozen streets of the urban nucleus and the action in Segarra avenue stands out, in which the entire east sidewalk will be renovated. In total 1,500 linear meters of sidewalks (4,200 square meters) will be improved. The duration of the works is three months and they will respond to the request of the residents of the district.

As González explained, “once this action is finished, the asphalt renovation works will begin for more than 167,000 euros that affects eight streets of Torrellano, with an area of ​​16,000 square meters.”

In addition, through the company Aigües d’Elx, the City Council will carry out in summer an action to improve the drinking water network along one kilometer, carrying out the renovation of the connections of all the homes in the Illice streets, Vinalopó street and a section of the road to the cemetery. The budget for this action is more than 230,000 euros.

“Ultimately, we are going to act from an integral point of view modernizing the public highway, with works to improve sidewalks, asphalt and water pipes. Actions for more than 637,000 euros ”, pointed out the mayor, who recalled that, in addition to this, very important improvements are being carried out in the district.

With regard to educational infrastructures, the installation of the provisional classrooms of the La Paz school to which the students will be transferred during the Easter holidays has already been completed. This will allow the current building to be demolished and work to begin on the new school (an investment of 6 million euros). Along with this, negotiations are being carried out with the Ministry of Culture so that the arrangement of the facade of the institute is carried out as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the City Council is investing 420,000 euros in the expansion and modernization of the Isabel Fernández Sports Center. 170,000 have been earmarked for the replacement of artificial grass on the football field and 250,000 euros for the urbanization of the sports center with the creation of calisthenics and parkour areas.

“Along with all this, we have just commissioned technical assistance from Pimesa to put out to tender the drafting of projects and construction of the new social center for Torrellano. For the Torrellano social center, a tender budget of about 1.3 million euros is foreseen for a plot located between Libertad, Violeta and Astronauta streets. The construction will be 920 square meters ”, indicated González.

“We have a clear idea of ​​Torrellano’s needs, which is one of the priorities within the District Plan. All the actions are quite advanced and will bear fruit throughout this term ”, indicated the councilor.

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