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Everything to decide in the 7th Ría de Pontevedra Interclubes Regatta



An intense day in the Pontevedra estuary for the fleet of almost fifty boats participating in the Interclub Regatta. Ro Yachts Club de Combarro has hosted a fifth stage in which the conditions have not made it easy for the teams. The wind, which went from being practically absent during part of the first section of the route to reaching fifteen knots as the afternoon progressed, forced the fleet to give its one hundred percent from the beginning to the end of the event.

At 2:30 p.m. and with a north wind of about ten knots of intensity, the Race Committee gave the starting horn for classes 1 to 4 in front of the club’s facilities, and five minutes later for Classics and A Dos . The start, without a clearing beacon and heading downhill, allowed the fleet to begin the fifth stage of the circuit, offering a show in the Pontevedra estuary.

Ahead, a route of more than 18 miles for class 1 passing through Tambo, Morrazán, Polígono de bateas, the Emisario de Tambo beacon and again Morrazán and Polígono before heading back to the finish line. Classes 2 through 5, meanwhile, completed about 15 miles with a similar route -but turning the Pelados mark instead of the Emisario de Tambo- and the Classics traveled about ten miles round trip to Morrazán.

In Class 1, Force 4 by Carlos García (RCM Aguete) claimed its first victory on the circuit today ahead of Orión by Javier Pérez (MRCY Bayona) and Juancamaría 3 by Juan Carlos Pérez (Náutico León), second and third respectively . With these results, Orión in the lead of the general with a single point advantage over Juancamaría 3, who remains second, and with seven over Fuerza 4. Therefore, the victory will be decided in the last stage, and everything points to which will be the most competitive with the first two teams fighting for the first big win of the season.

In Class 2, a new victory for Joaquín Carneiro’s Mar de Frades Cruceros Pelegrín (Ro Yachts Club), which has already won three consecutive wins and will face the final stage from the top of the podium with four points over Francisco Lusquiños’ Squid 2 (CN Portonovo), who today added a third and placed second overall. Luis Vidal’s Vagalume, meanwhile, scored a retreat today and descends from the first position to the third drawer of the podium.

For its part, in Class 3, Aguieira I of Celestino Campelo (RCM Aguete) also repeated victory, and this time with more than eleven minutes of advantage over Youkounkoun of Adolfo Castro (CN Portonovo) and nineteen over Pepenuto Dois of Francisco José Llovo (Ro Yachts Club), who scored his first partial podium in the regatta.

The general in class 3 continues led by Aguieira I and with Youkounkoun occupying second place. There have been changes in the third position, which is now occupied by Ernesto Smyth’s Trotto (CN Beluso).

In Class 4 the dispute of the fifth stage has caused changes in the first three places of the classification. Chispa Nejra by José Rey (CN Beluso) was the winner of the stage ahead of Orlando by Gerardo Sánchez (CN Boiro) and Cinco Islas Albariño by Iñaki Carbajo (CN Beluso), second and third respectively.

With these results, the general is now led by Chispa Nejra, second is Orlando and third is Cinco Islas Albariño. The three teams are tied at nine points, so everything will be decided next Saturday in the final stage.

In Class Solitarios and A Dos, the Vento Sur of Antonio Fernández (Ro Yachts Club) also repeats victory today, and there are already three in the four races held for this class. It was followed by the Maral IV of Roberto de la Puente (CN Portonovo) with a second place and the Samoa of Simón Bernárdez (RCM Aguete) with a third. The general, having not played Fernández in the first stage, is still led by Maral IV with two points over Vento Sur and four over Samoa.

And in the Classics and Veterans Class, the dispute in this fifth meeting has caused the leading fleet to compress even more. The leader of the general, Cassandra de Javier Pazó (CN Portonovo), scored a fifth place today while the victory went to Mou de Ángel Mourelos (CN Meloso) ahead of Hola by Antero J. Rodríguez (Ro Yachts Club), who was second, and the Iasi of José Antonio Ortigueira (CN Portonovo), who added a third.

With these results, Cassandra continues at the top of the table with four points ahead of Hola, which is now in the second drawer, and five over Atxurri by Ana Pazó (CN Raxó), which is currently placed in the third position of the general.

In addition to the victory on the stage, the winners of this Saturday’s test also win the Concello de Poio Trophy.

The next test, which will be the last and final of the seventh edition, will be held next Saturday April 10 under the organization of the Naval Regatta Commission of the Naval School of Marín. Once finished, the final awards ceremony of this edition and of the last 2020 will be held at the Ro Yachts Club de Combarro, which had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

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