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Everything we know so far about ‘Starfield’, Bethesda’s new space exploration game for Xbox

‘Starfield’ is the first non-franchise Bethesda game in 25 years. It is normal that it has aroused an unusual curiosity and interest. Although there are still many months left until the launch in 2023, the studio and Microsoft have been slipping multiple details about this special exploration game. This is everything we know so far about ‘Starfield’.

When does ‘Starfield’ arrive?

Although the game was initially scheduled for November 11, 2022, in May of this year it was announced that it had been delayed to the first half of 2023. According to the company, the immense ambition of the game had forced them to rethink the release schedule. .

What platforms will we see it on?

Although much has been said about Microsoft’s policy with exclusive games and the possibility of multiplatforms in the companies it owns, it is certain that ‘Starfield’ will be an exclusive game for Xbox Series X and PC. It will be available from the day of its launch on Game Pass for both console and computer. The decision will also benefit, according to Bethesda, the owners of the Microsoft console, since programming for fewer platforms encourages a game that better exploits its possibilities.

Are there already trailers for the game?

Yes, there are already a couple. After an announcement at E3 in 2018, we had to wait for the Bethesda and Microsoft Showcase in 2021 for a full-fledged trailer. Some juicy details were noted in it: to begin with, the game will run on a new engine, the Creation Engine 2, which is the evolution of the company’s justly mythical Creation Engine. Some setting details were also noted, such as the Costelación, an organization more or less equivalent to our NASA, and for which the player works. There were also first clues about configurable ships, use of firearms and mecha. You have the teaser on these lines.

Much more spectacular, and based on almost all the data we currently have, is the 15-minute gameplay video that Bethesda released a year later. Now we will go into its content in detail, you have it a little further down these lines.

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Will ‘Starfield’ have multiplayer?

Not in principle, or at least that’s what creative director Todd Howard said in 2020. It’s possible that the bitter experience of ‘Fallout 76’ has made Bethesda consider the benefits of large shared worlds. Interaction between players, however, will be possible with the mods: details on the subject are not yet available, but Howard confirmed that Bethesda was working to support the work of the community.

What is ‘Starfield’ about?

There is still no data about its argument, beyond the fact that the action takes place in the year 2330, two decades after a colonial war between two great forces, the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. As part of The Constellation, the game brings to life an explorer trying to make his way in a post-war galaxy where, of course, it is entirely up to the player to decide which side they align with. The main story of ‘Starfield’, Bethesda has confirmed, is 20% larger than those of ‘Skyrim’ and ‘Fallout 4’.

How big is Starfield?

Everything that belongs to the so-called ‘Settled Systems’ of the game, that is, ‘The Established Systems’, which is equivalent to about 50 light years, is explorable. In total there will be a hundred systems and a thousand planets to explore, which does not mean, of course, that they all have the same interest. The content of these planets will be generated in a procedural way, the study has revealed, although it has also wanted to reassure the players by stating that ‘Starfield’ is the game with the largest extension of land designed in a traditional way of all that they have done.

How the 1000 planets of 'Starfield' work: Bethesda reveals the secret of the game's immense universe

Is ‘Starfield’ a Bethesda-style RPG?

It seems so, although comparisons with recent games like ‘No Man’s Sky’ are tempting. Here we rather have open spaces to explore and the need to invest time, effort and resources in improving the character’s abilities that we consider relevant (we’ll see if they will be natural or will have an artificial science-fiction element). The idea of ​​consequences to acts are also here, which possibly brings the game closer to the ‘Mass Effect’ saga. Other elements of Bethesda’s RPGs, like switching from first to third person at will, will be here as well.

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However, in many other aspects Bethesda dives in for the first time, such as piloting ships, and a greater focus on resource management, base building and firearms combat. Another novelty of which there is still everything to know: the possibility of scanning environments to locate resources. The interface will give clues about fauna, flora and even enemy ships, in the style of ‘No Man’s Sky’. As for the collection of resources, it will be done with a tool called Cutter, a kind of very powerful laser that goes through all kinds of materials.

What tools will we have to explore?

Without a doubt, the most striking is the jet pack. Bethesda didn’t dwell on it during the presentation, but its use was briefly seen, launching the player into the air and allowing them to access elevated areas.

Starfield3 Jpg 976912859

How does the character editor work?

At the moment there are no details, but Bethesda insists that it is the most complete and with the most options that there has been to date in a company game. Among the definable options will be, apart from the typical colors of hair, eyes and skin tone, more specific options such as the way of walking. The editor will also allow you to select a personal background for each player (up to 16 different ones), which will define their starting skills: among these skills, skills as diverse and, in principle, poorly defined as Gastronomy, Welfare, Security were seen in the Showcase. o Persuasion, all derived from character rankings such as Chef, Diplomat, Pilgrim, Bounty Hunter, Sniper, and others.

The skill system, which will be improved with progressive experience points earned in the game, is somewhat reminiscent of ‘Fallout’ and in part to The ‘Elder Scrolls’, and is divided into five main categories: Physical, Social, Combat, Science and Technology. These skills will improve with use and practice, and new skills will unlock as you progress through the game and complete certain quests.

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Finally we have the issue of traits (which we could translate as “traits”) and that there are up to three character modifiers -so far, out of a total of 16-, which will have negative or positive effects on our adventure. Some of the examples seen so far: the trait “Introvert” makes us have more resistance in solo adventures and less in group missions; and “Starter Home” provides us with a home in a small satellite… but we will be forced to pay the mortgage.

Will we be able to pilot the ships as we please?

In principle, that is the idea, building them from scratch and customizing them with great detail. The crew, the exterior appearance and the interior decoration, the technical characteristics, the intention of ‘Starfield’ is that the players build them entirely to their liking, being able to choose between different manufacturers of materials and, of course, different technological capabilities according to their possibilities to spend the character. The ships will allow us both to descend to planets and space bases and engage in space combat with others.


It is also obvious that in the course of the game that ship will be able to experience improvements thanks to a modification tree specially designed for ships. These seem to be produced based on a modular design. which will facilitate radical changes in the evolution of vehicles. Add or reduce weapons, increase capacity, improve engine power, everything will be done from this common system for all ships.

How does base building work?

It reminds in a certain sense of what was seen in its day in ‘Fallout 4’, where settlements could be built and other characters assigned to act as guards and continue to grow and evolve the bases. Here there will be more freedom when choosing materials and construction processes, but you can also pay settlers to keep it running

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