Thursday, August 18

“Everything we observe will help us understand the great mysteries of the Sun”: Patricio Rojo, the Chilean astronomer who will study the total eclipse from Antarctica

  • Daniel Gonzalez Cappa
  • BBC News World

Scientists hope to understand more of the Sun's magnetic field.

Image source, Getty Images


Scientists hope to understand more of the Sun’s magnetic field.

The Sun is the largest source of energy in the solar system and what allows life to exist on Earth.

It is also the largest celestial body in our planetary system and the closest star to us.

Its mysteries, however, remain multiple, and this December 4 scientists will have another opportunity to study it: the total solar eclipse that will be especially visible from Antarctica.

The shadow that this will generate will pass precisely through the Unión Glaciar Joint Scientific Polar Station, an Antarctic summer base operated by the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH) and the country’s three armed forces from November to January.

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