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Everything you need to know about Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee

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UK is partying. The Queen isabel IIwho celebrated seven decades on the throne last February 6, will celebrate, from this Thursday and until Sunday, her Platinum Jubilee, thus becoming the first monarch to achieve it, although in 2015 she had already become the Longest reigning sovereign in UK history, surpassing her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

The British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, considered «a luxury that we British can celebrate 70 years of the reign of His Majesty, for whom I feel enormous admiration and respect. Elizabeth II is a role model, an example of personal dedication to public service and the true symbol of the United Kingdom.

“In my opinion, she is the best diplomat in the world,” he declared. In addition, she pointed out that “this anniversary is also a great occasion to celebrate the historical relationship between the United Kingdom and Spain: our countries share very close real, historical, cultural, commercial and security ties. In fact, and with the permission of Her Majesty, I am going to quote the speech that she gave at the banquet on the occasion of the State Visit of the king philip and Queen Letizia to the United Kingdom in 2017, because it seems to me to be a perfect summary: a relationship such as ours, based on such great strengths and common interests, will ensure that both nations prosper, now and in the future, regardless of the challenges that arise. . The strength of our friendship has created a strong spirit of cooperation and goodwill.”

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The long-awaited family photo

The bank holiday weekend kicks off this Thursday with Trooping the Color», the parade with which the Queen celebrates her birthday, which although it is on April 21, is postponed to June in the hope of better weather, a tradition of more than 260 years. More than 1,500 soldiers and musicians, around 240 horses and the mascot of the Irish Guards, Turlough Mor, the Irish wolfhound, will be the protagonists. Around 7,000 spectators will be able to enjoy the event in the field where it is traditionally held, the Horse Guards Parade, for the first time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Once the parade is over, there will be the long-awaited appearance on the balcony of the Royal Family, led by Isabell II, who will be accompanied by members of royalty who perform official duties and their children, which excludes Prince Andrew as well as the Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. William and Catherine of Cambridge are expected to bring their three children.

More than 2,000 fires will be lit throughout the UK, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the UK Overseas Territories, and one in each of the Commonwealth capitals “in recognition of to the prolonged and disinterested service of the Queen”, sources from the organization explained. «There is a long and unbroken tradition in our country of celebrating Royal Jubilees, Weddings and Coronations by lighting fires: on top of mountains, towers of churches and cathedrals, castles, city and town gardens, estates, parks and farms, along the beaches and on the tops of the cliffs”, they detailed, since “they are a symbol of unity between peoples, borders, countries and continents”.

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Flower stall, decorated for the occasion
Flower stall, decorated for the occasion – I. SALAZAR

On Friday there will be a religious ceremony Thanksgiving at London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral during which Great Paul, the country’s largest church bell, will be tolled. The big surprise could be given by Prince Andrew, who is expected to be authorized to participate in the religious service but separated from any other leading moment.

On Saturday 4, members of the Royal Family will attend the Derby at Epsom Downs, one of the five classics of English racing. According to The Times newspaper, the queen will not attend, and will be represented by her daughter Princess Anne.

music tribute

In the evening, several stars from the entertainment world, including Diana Ross, Queen, Alicia Keys and Elton John, will participate in the Platinum Party at the Palace. About 22,000 people will attend the musical tribute to the monarch, but it is expected that this year Elizabeth II, who at 96 years old suffers from some mobility problems, will watch it on television, on the BBC, from Windsor Castle.

The celebrations will conclude on Sunday 5 June with the Platinum Jubilee Parade, where thousands of artists from across the UK and Commonwealth will count down their art on The Mall, the long street that leads to the Palace of Buckingham, the story of the Queen’s 70-year reign in a procession that the Palace already describes as “spectacular”.

Preparations for the celebrations in honor of Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of the Jubilee
Preparations for the celebrations in honor of Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of the Jubilee – I. SALAZAR

Meanwhile, millions of people will attend the Great Jubilee Luncheon, distributed in some 200,000 local events throughout the country and in which, in addition to food and drink, there will be street parties, music and dances. In more than 70 countries that are part of the Commonwealth and in the rest of the world, more than 600 commemorative lunches are also planned.

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And although the great official celebration is during these four holidays, the truth is that there is also exhibitions and private events that will last for weeks, and there is even an official list of Jubilee music prepared by the Ministry of Culture so that citizens can enjoy on their own, and whose first theme, how could it be otherwise, is from The

There has been speculation in the local press that the monarch could make a second appearance on the royal balcony on Sunday, but only with her successors: Prince Charles, the Prince Guillermo and his great-grandson, Prince George.

However, although Palace sources stressed that the queen is “eager” to enjoy these four days of celebration, the truth is that her appearances could be minimal and everything is planned so that she has to travel very short distances during the events in whose presence is expected. One of the changes from her previous Diamond Jubilee is that she will not climb the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral and it is believed that she will rest all day on Saturday. In any case, Prince Charles is prepared to represent her if necessary, as he has done on other occasions, the last one, three weeks ago during the opening of Parliament.

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