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Everything you need to know about iPadOS 16, Watch OS 9 and Mac OS Ventura

We review the most important news presented during WWDC 2022 for iPads, Apple Watch and Mac.

The WWDC 2022 has not left anyone indifferent, and a battery of news and new functions has been presented for absolutely all the company’s operating systems, and with which once again Apple distances itself from the rest of the competition.

And it is that the software integration that the Californian company carries out is today unattainable, due to the focus always based on the user and the successful implementation of the dozens of new features and enhancements introduced each year.

In addition, this year has been the year of productivity, where all the company’s operating systems have received important improvements for better use of the functionalities and hardware of each product.

With this we bring you the most interesting news that the company has presented in iPadOS 16, watchOS 9 and macOS Ventura.

iPadOS 16: a giant step towards macOS

Versatility is now the greatest hallmark of iOS thanks to its new version, which brings you even closer to laptop-worthy performance and featuresin an attempt to make these tablets the focal point of this company.

With this new version we have State Manager or Visual Organizer, a way of reorganizing windows that radically changes multitasking, allowing users to automatically organize apps and windows so that users can combine various tasks quickly and easily.

In the case of iPad Pro and iPad Air that have an Apple Silicon chip, also offers full compatibility with external monitors that have a maximum resolution of 6K.

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In this way, the interface will adapt completely to our monitor, also allowing us to use four apps on the iPad and another four on the monitor through the Visual Organizer.

To get even more out of the power and specs of iPads, Freeform has announced, an application that allows collaboration between users, and that will be available at the end of the year.

Among other improvements that iPadOS 16 will bring we can also find:

  • Weather App for iPad
  • Messages app improvements
  • LiveText on video
  • Enhanced Focus Modes
  • New collaboration and security features in Safari
  • Completely redesigned Home app

watchOS 9: health as a bulwark

As for the operating system for its watches, the Apple Watch, watchOS 9 comes loaded with improvements with the main intention of turning our smartwatch into our sports and health center.

In terms of sport, there are new options for the training view in the Training application, such as the inclusion of Heart Rate zones or MultiSport modeperfect for those who practice triathlon, detecting the type of activity (running, cycling or swimming) and changing the view according to touch.

As far as health is concerned, watchOS 9 brings sleep data, atrial fibrillation history and a medication modewhich aim to help us in our day to day to have control of how healthy and healthy our body is.

Specifically, the medicine mode will allow them to create a list of medications, set schedules and reminders, and consult information about the medication in the Health app to help them prepare and control the medication, vitamins and supplements they take.

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Among other functions added in this new version of watchOS we can find:

  • New Watch Faces
  • swimming improvements
  • Health data privacy control
  • Redesigned notifications to be more discreet
  • quick actions
  • redesigned dock

macOS Ventura: Productivity Matters

And finally we come to the Mac version, which brings unexpected changes, and that will offer an even better experience for your range of computers.

As a curiosity, Continuity has been presented, which will allow us to use our iPhone as a webcam, showing an image quality never seen beforeallowing with and without cable, use all the lenses and functions that the iPhone camera already has with iOS.

The inclusion stands out, as in iPadOS 16 of State Manager also called Visual Organizer. This automatically organizes open applications and windows in such a way that we can concentrate on working, having everything at hand.

The active work window is highlighted in the center, while other open windows stay on the left side for quick and easy task switching. You can also group windows when working on specific tasks or projects that require different apps.

Spotlight has also undergone a significant improvement, bringing its operation and interface closer to iOS and iPadOS, in a cry for help that the search engine itself was already asking for.

Now you can search for images in the photo library, in the system or on the Internet, even photos based on location, people, scenes or objects.

Among other outstanding functions of this new macOS 13 we can find:

  • Handoff Support
  • Safer browsing in Safari using access keys
  • Immersive gaming experiences thanks to Metal 3
  • Optimized Weather and Clock apps
  • System app redesign, now called System Settings
  • Improvements in Safari and Messages
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These 3 new operating systems: iPadOS, watchOS and macOS, are available for download only for developers, with theThe first public beta announced for next month.

Your official departure It will be during the fall, with dates still to be confirmed by Apple.

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