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Everything you need to know about the popular warrior diet Is it healthy?

In the last two years, more subsistence allowance Y dietary guidelines than ever, although most are trends that have existed for years, lately some resurfaced with more force never. Such is the case of intermittent fasting, which is considered one of the most popular methods today for lose weight Y regain health in various aspects.

The truth is that everyone talks about intermittent fasting, very generally consists of refrain from eating totally or partially for a specified period of time. Further, some studies suggest that it is much more than a diet, since they consider that it is a technique focused on make significant lifestyle changes of people and that is related to benefits in fat loss, better overall health, disease prevention and greater longevity.

Based on the above, it is important to know that there are many ways to practice intermittent fasting, mainly the different methods vary in the amount of fasting days Y total calories. That is why it is one of the most famous diets currently, as its advocates claim that it is a much easier method to sustain than most traditional diets and has the genius to adapt to different lifestyles from each person.

This is how one of the slimming methods Latest and inspired by intermittent fasting: the warrior diet or warrior diet, which in theory is just another way of performing intermittent fasting.

What is the warrior’s diet?

The first thing you should know is that although this 2020, the warrior’s diet be one of the most “Fashion.” It is not new and is based on a book entitled “The Warrior’s Diet” which was created in 2001 by Ori Hofmekler, un former member of the Israel Special Forces and who made the transition to field of fitness and nutrition.

While Hofmekler He is not a doctor or a dietitian, he created this plan based on the habits of ancient warriors and that is why it is a method that has no scientific support like tahim, quite the opposite of what happens with intermittent fasting. In such a way that this diet began to become popular as a guideline that according to its author, fills us with energy, explosive force, and a slimmer body Y Lasted.

The Warrior Diet is based on eating patterns of the ancient warriors, who they consumed little during the day Y then they celebrated at night. According to its founder, it is designed to “Improve the way we eat, feel, perform and look.” And it emphasizes that this state is only achieved through a reduced food intake, which triggers in humans “Survival instincts”.

People who follow this diet eat very little for 20 hours a day and later they consume as much food as they want at night. During the 20-hour fasting period, the consumption of small amounts of dairy products, hard-boiled eggs, raw fruits and vegetables, as well as plenty of calorie-free fluids is recommended. Later in the 4 hours left it is advisable to only a main meal, prioritizing the use of organic, healthy and unprocessed food. In such a way that all kinds of candy, potato chips, fast or fried food, or sugary drinks, at the same time it is recommended that people who carry out a three week starter plan, as a general rule to allow the body to get used to it. However, that is why many specialists consider it a plan too restrictive and unfeasible in the long term, in a way it will depend on the preferences of each person.

The truth is the main objective of this diet is to spend long hours of the day without eating, in such a way that the body can use fat as an energy source and promoting this process encourages elimination of toxins and a good purification of the organism.

By way of conclusion we can say that faithful followers of the warrior diet, claim that it is a method that is related to a significant fat burning (therefore a lot of body weight is lost), better brain function, lower levels of inflammation throughout the body, and a good balance in the high cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood.

While it may be a extreme and unfeasible method For many, one of its most positive aspects is that it promotes zero consumption of processed foods Y fast foods. Which are considered the latent enemy of the good health and one of the main causes of overweight and the obesity.

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