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Everything you need to know about the Russia-Ukraine war, today April 1

The invasion continues after 37 consecutive days of conflict and bombing of Ukraine. In this way, this Thursday the Russian Army has bombed the headquarters of the regional administration of the Ukrainian city of Mikolaiv, and has left at least 16 dead and dozens of woundedaccording to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES), the Interfax-Ukraine agency reported.

The port city of Mikolaiv has recorded attacks by Russian forces for weeks, as it gives Ukraine access to the Black Sea and is close to the port town of Odessa. Despite the Russian offensives, the town remains firmly in the hands of the Ukrainian defenders, which allows the inhabitants of Odessa, a hundred kilometers to the south, to breathe calmly for the moment without fear that the Russians will surround the town.

‘Ceasefire’ in Mariupol

On the other hand, Russia has approved a temporary “ceasefire” in the city of Mariupol in order to establish humanitarian corridors that serve civilians to evacuate from the city heavily bombed in the last week.

Thus, the ukrainian government has sent 45 buses to evacuate civilians from the city in southeastern Ukraine. “We were informed by the International Committee of the Red Cross that Russia is ready to open access to humanitarian caravans from Mariupol” to Zaporizhia, the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk in a video released by Telegram.

The bombings continue

The different regional administrations assure that practically the entire country continues to suffer attacks of various kinds, despite the announcement from moscow decrease their offensive on kyiv and some other major cities, reports the Urkrinform agency.

In the case of Lugansk, a self-proclaimed independent republic that borders Russia, the authorities say that the entire territory has been bombed overnight with heavy weapons and seven people have died in the attacks.

The United States reports fissures between the Army and the Kremlin

Rumors about fissures between the Kremlin and the Army are on the rise. During the last few weeks, the absence from the public eye of the Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigumonopolized the focus of questions and headlines in the international press, now the White House is doing it, which has ruled on the deterioration in relations between the presidency and the military establishment.

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“We have information that Putin believes the Russian army cheated on him, which has caused a DC voltage with its General Staff,” said the director of communications for the US presidency, Kate Bedingfieldat a press conference

There is no withdrawal of troops, but replenishments

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