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Everything you need to know about the Russia-Ukraine war, today April 2

At day 38 of Russian invasion in Ukrainenegotiations continue between countries to stop the fighting. Russia, which continues to bombard strategic cities, is seeing its military fail with logistical problems and lack of precision.

But this Friday Ukraine seems to have contracted. The Kremlin has accused Ukraine of having bombed with two MI-24 helicopters an oil depot in the town of Belgorod, in western Russia, about 40 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

And the kyiv authorities neither confirmed nor denied the information. In all things, if the attack is true, it would be the first carried out by the Ukrainian Army on Russian territory.

“There was a fire at the oil depot due to a shelling launched by two Ukrainian military helicopters, who entered Russian territory flying at low altitude”Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said in his Telegram account.

Chernigov, a simile of Mariupol

Chernigova Ukrainian city that before the start of the war had some 280,000 inhabitants, is thus on its way to becoming a new Mariupol, a town devastated by Russian attacks. In fact, Chernigov has been the second most affected by the attacks of the Moscow Army, behind the aforementioned Mariúpol.

Thus, the humanitarian situation in the city of Chernigovlocated in the north of Ukraine, is “extremely hard“since the inhabitants have spent more than two weeks without basic services, such as water, electricity, gas or heating. “The humanitarian situation in Chernigov remains extremely difficult.

The European Union pressures China without success

In the twenty-third summit between the European Union and China, held this Friday April 1 by videoconference, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyenand the European Council, Charles Michaelthey aspired to obtain explicit guarantees from Beijing, that they will not give military support to Russia in the war from Vladimir Putin against Ukraine, nor will they throw any economic lifeline at it that would allow it to dodge European sanctions.

The meeting has ended, however, without clear commitments that there will be no interference in the application of international sanctions, a new call for China’s responsibility to help stop the war and the warning that any economic or military support to Moscow will jeopardize economic relations with the EU.

Red Cross denounces “great obstacles” to evacuate civilians

The International Committee for Red Cross (ICRC) has warned this Friday that there are “major obstacles” to evacuate thousands of civilians from the port city of Mariupolwhich continues to be under siege by Russian troops and in which some 100,000 people remain trapped out of the 400,000 who lived there before the war.

Russia, waiting to cut the gas

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This Friday the requirement to Russia that will force the “hostile countries” that buy gas russian to pay it with rublesthus prohibiting the use of euros or dollars.

However, supply will not be cut off immediately to those who do not abide by Moscow’s obligations. The Kremlin has indicated this Friday that, if it occurs, that cut will not arrive until mid-April or even until next month.

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