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Everything you need to know about the Russia-Ukraine war, today March 19

The war continues irretrievably throughout Ukraine and, already in the 24th day of the Russian invasion, cities like Lviv continue to be bombed and the two countries involved have not yet reached a final agreement. In fact, the British Government fears that Russia be using the talks as a smoke screen to regroup their troops and carry out a new offensive.

The once quiet Lviv, a city of 700,000 inhabitants that has welcomed hundreds of thousands of displaced and which is a place of passage for many of the refugees who flee the war to other countries, suffered this Friday the first attack since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Likewise, the Ukrainian leader, Volodímir Zelenski, has warned that Russian troops have fired on the Trostianets hospital, while there are still hundreds of people trapped in the rubble of the theater bombed this Wednesday in Mariúpol.

Thus, the number of millions of refugees continues to add up and the reception centers, such as the one in Barcelona or Madrid, accumulate long queues between despair and disappointment.

The US and China talk about the conflict

Weeks after what Russia started the war in UkraineThe president of United States, Joe Bidenand its Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinpinghave maintained a video conference this Friday to address the crisis. In the expected conversation, which has lasted just under two hoursthe American president has “described” to his Chinese counterpart the “implications and consequences if China gives material support to Russia” in his “brutal attacks against cities and civilians in Ukraine” as explained in the brief statement from the White House on the call.

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propaganda continues

Before 200,000 people, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin has taken a mass bath at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, an act in which he has defended the invasion of Ukraine as an act of salvation in the face of genocide in Donetsk and Lugansk. “The main reason for this special operation,” Putin said, using Russia’s official term for this invasion, “is to save people from suffering, and to prevent this genocide against the population” of eastern Ukraine.

But the government of Vladimir Putin was able to dodge the suspension of payments by satisfying the 117 million dollars in foreign debt interest (two eurobond coupons) that were due last Wednesday thanks to the foreign exchange reserves has accumulated in recent years. Likewise, he has been able to mitigate international pressures.

Aid to Ukraine

Many countries are showing their support for Ukraine right now. In this way, the United States has sent weapons to help the country defend itself from the Russian offensive and has promised to deliver long-range defense missiles and armed drones. Switchblade. These will allow kyiv forces better defend themselves from Russian aircraft and strengthen the defense of strategic enclaves.

Sanctions ‘make us stronger’

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The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrovhas ensured that the sanctions imposed by the West as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine they will make them “stronger”. “We will adjust our economy to the sanctions,” he said, adding: “We will survive.”

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The minister stressed this Friday that any military cargo delivered to Ukraine in the context of the conflict unleashed on February 24 will be considered “a legitimate goal” by the Russian Army. “We have made it very clear that any cargo that enters Ukraine and that we consider to be carrying weapons will be a legitimate target once it is on Ukrainian territory,” the minister said in an interview with the Russian television network RT.

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