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Everything you need to know about the Russia-Ukraine war, today March 30

The number of Ukrainian refugees worldwide is rising, and the Red Cross has already helped 13,000 in Catalonia. Thus, cities around the world are welcoming Ukrainian citizens who have been forced to flee their country with open hands. Thus, the University of Barcelona (UB) received this Tuesday the first ukrainian teachers arrived in the city fleeing from the ukrainian war.

At 35th day of war between Ukraine and Russia, the invasion has not yet signed for an end and the bombing continues. This Tuesday there have been at least twelve dead and dozens injured in a Russian attack in Mikolaiv.

No military targets have been hit, “the inhabitants of Mikolaiv did not pose any threat to Russia,” Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky said. “However, like all Ukrainians, they became a target of Russian troops,” added the president, who initially reported seven dead.

international meetings

The Russian President, Vladimir PutinIt has been recognized “progress” in the negotiations with Ukraine, in a telephone conversation with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, while remaining adamant about his willingness to continue the offensive in the east of that country. According to sources from the Elysee, Putin assured that he is not willing to give up his military objectives in Ukraine, in particular in Mariupol, and refused to lift the siege of that city.

Thus, the US president, Joe Biden, has pronounced this Tuesday cautious about the alleged progress, by assuring that he will wait to see if Moscow “complies” with the proposals. “I don’t interpret anything until I see what their (Russian) actions are. We’ll see if they comply with what they are suggesting,” Biden said, adding that “while” he will continue with “strong sanctions” against Moscow.

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But the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has stated that the signs of the peace talks with Russia could be described as positivebut what they did not silence the explosions of the Russian shells. In a late-night speech, he said that kyiv saw no reason to believe the words of some Russian representatives and stated that Ukraine could only rely on a factual outcome.

Chernobyl in danger

The Ukrainian military authorities have reiterated this Tuesday that the Russian maneuvers in the vicinity of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant may pose a radiation threat to “hundreds of millions of Europeans”.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army has revealed that Moscow is “transporting and stockpiling large quantities of ammunition” in Chernobyl. The nuclear power plant has been the subject of dispute between Russia and Ukraine since the beginning of hostilities, at the end of February, and there have even been cuts in the energy supply of the facilities.

Russia expels diplomats

Related news

The Russian government announced on Tuesday the expulsion of one dozen diplomats of the baltic republics in response to a similar measure undertaken by the authorities of these countries a few weeks ago. The measure affects four diplomats from Lithuania, three from Estonia and three from latviaas specified in a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Minister.

The decision has been taken in accordance with the “reciprocity principle“After the expulsion” of “10 Russian diplomats”, an “unjustified” act, reads the Foreign Affairs text. According to him latvian executivethe measure was adopted in the face of evidence that Russian officials were carrying out activities mismatched with their diplomatic status. Moscow, on the other hand, speaks of “provocation” and accusations”baseless“.

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