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Everything you need to know for this Halloween 2021

Halloween is a perfect party to have a good time with friends and family.

The highlight of the pumpkins, baubles and the terror It gets closer every time. In the night of this October 31 Young and old dress up in their most terrifying finery to spend one of the funniest nights of the year.

As time progresses, this American celebration gains more and more followers in Spain and our streets are filled with the most terrifying monsters and creatures. The Catholic Church establishes that All Saints’ Day is November 1, therefore, the night before, which this 2021 falls on Sunday, is celebrated Halloween.

Sweets and games with children

During the night of this Sunday the children will be the protagonists enjoying the costumes, scares, jokes and sweets. Light bonfires, organize parties with friends, visit neighbors with the excuse of the famous ‘Trick or Treating’ or preparing a sweet recipe are ideal activities to have a good time with the little ones in the house. We can also stay in the comfort of our home and draw and paint the most terrifying figures with our children.

Another fabulous plan can be to help the little ones to read a story or read it ourselves, to let their imagination run wild and, at the same time, encourage good habits, such as reading. Watching an age-appropriate movie with an enigmatic or scary touch in your living room can be a great activity to celebrate a different night with your family.

Watching a scary movie can be a great idea to enjoy Halloween. ShutterStock

Prepare the party

But the fun is not limited to the night of October 31, because The days before we can prepare everything you need to have a great time. Thus, we can cook a terrifying dessert or a special menu for the appointed date. It is also common to decorate the house with pumpkins, spiders, witch hats, zombies or ghosts. If we are skilled and do not want to spend a lot of money, with some cardboard, thread, and some fabric, we can make our house a spooky home. Making these crafts with the help of children can be a sensational idea with which to strengthen our bond.

It’s not just for children

The truth is that Halloween is a party ideal for children and teenagers, who take the opportunity to spend a fun night with their games, friends and family. Nevertheless, adults have fun too on a night and early morning when it is usual to go out to have fun at our favorite venues. Even more so, after having suffered a pandemic that has made parties and meetings with loved ones impossible for so long. Now, with vaccination very advanced and with the incidence of the coronavirus that gives us a break, many young people will take the opportunity to move the skeleton in the night of the dead.

Likewise, cinemas, theaters, amusement parks, ‘escape rooms, and other shows adapt their programming to accommodate fear and terror. Scary movies, dark shows and stories of the undead or spirits gain prominence.

More and more people decide to go to a place to celebrate Halloween night with friends. ShutterStock

Halloween meaning

The word Halloween is the contraction of “all hallows eve”, which translated into Spanish would be “Hallowe’en” since it is celebrated the night before the Christian tradition of “the saints”. It must be said that this name is the one that was given to this pagan tradition to “Christianize” it once the Christian religion unified the West under the power of the Popes.

The origin of Halloween

The United States is the country where this festival is most celebrated, but its origins lie on the other side of the pond, on our own continent.

Halloween has its origin in Celtic culture. This celebration was known as Samhain (end of summer) and the end of the summer harvest was celebrated. In this way, they began the ‘Celtic New Year’.

The ancient Celts believed that on the night of October 31 the souls of the dead returned to our world. In order not to be attacked by the souls of the dead, the people disguised themselves in hideous masks and clothes. What’s more, Jelly beans were offered to these souls in order to entertain and please them so that they would not unleash their fury against the living. In this way, began this tradition that the Romans adopted when they invaded the Celtic people.

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