Sunday, September 26

exaltation of the youth brother of Holy Week in Alicante

A moment of the exaltation of the youth brother

The penitential brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Humility and Patience celebrated on Saturday at the Parish of Our Lady of Grace of Alicante the tenth edition of the Exaltation of the Cofrade Alicantina Youth, the only one that is celebrated with these characteristics in the Diocese Orihuela-Alicante. “We were lucky and honored to have the young Catalan Toni Valenzuela Plaza as a town crier, who delighted us and moved us with a proclamation full of feelings and hopes,” they explain from the brotherhood.

The Mass that preceded the proclamation was celebrated by the parochial vicar and Chaplain II Reverend Rubén Lillo Lillo, also accompanied by the pastor and spiritual director Reverend José Navarro Navarro, who gave his blessing to the town crier before beginning his parliament.

The town crier, during the exaltation

It began at 8:00 p.m., with the participation of members of the Brotherhood of Humility and Patience, the President of the Greater Board of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods of Alicante, Alfredo Llopis Verdú, the deputy Ana Vega and the councilor José Bonet, as well as representatives of other brotherhoods and brotherhoods, such as the Del Rocío brotherhood and the president of Fecuas, Luis Romero. The town crier, Toni Valenzuela, turned his gaze to the Blessed Virgin of Tears and the Christ of Humility and Patience to start the exaltation of the youth brotherhood. “One night after another in solitude and silence, chewing every moment, every second of time, in front of a blank page with a black pen. Black for the color of death and its mystery, seeing the very moment that is proclaimed and felt on this March 20 savored in my mind arrive impatiently, “he said, starting a proclamation that was gaining strength with fervor and emotion. They point out from the brotherhood.

Another moment of the act in the church of Our Lady of Grace

The town crier emphasized the current health situation, which does not allow us to carry out our Holy Week acts normally, but “Alicante already breathes its brotherhood passion”, He said. He also expressed his encouragement to the “youth brother of this land of lineage and grace from Alicante, today the first guide cross goes out, since in these times it is very difficult to move forward, following in the footsteps of our elders and being the future of this our Holy Week “.

“Let the tone of the arrow be heard that in unison we sing and cry the heirs of the conservation of these things that are so ours”

Toni Valenzuela surprised the audience with the composition and cante of a body of sevillanas, remembering that we have Easter in Alicante.

The images of the brotherhood of Humility and Patience

The exaltation reached its final pages with the protagonist thanking the honor of having been able to proclaim this X edition, and giving hope in these complicated moments that we live, due to the pandemic, referring to the steps that will come out. “We are together in this, the door will be reopened to that world that was ours before the pandemic “, he concluded.

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