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Exclusively Ana Patricia responds: Are you returning to ‘Despierta América’?

Ana Patricia Gamez feels braver than ever. Entrepreneur since she can remember and sure that trying everything is not a matter of giving way to fear of possible failure, but quite the opposite, being encouraged to try.

That was how he jumped into the void and left ‘Wake up America’, to drive ‘Falling in love’ and now he is encouraged to make a podcast, his own, called ‘Unfiltered’, where no topic escapes her, and she is more than ever.

“Sometimes you stop to see how she says things, because you think they are going to judge her, here I am, with the shrill voice as I have had it all my life, speaking Norteño with my Mexican accent”, Ana Patricia proudly says that, in addition to her happiness for driving ‘Falling in love’, every night in UniMás, found a space that allows you to be.

We spoke exclusively with Ana Patricia via zoom, where we entered the privacy of her home and even witnessed how Gael looks for her every afternoon when she finishes taking her nap.

Ana Patricia Gámez. Photo: Courtesy Latin Icons

“I am braver than I already knew I was, because it is not easy to speak 25 to 30 minutes, the first topic I wrote it all, I don’t know how many pages I did, and for the next ones it was a conversation”, Anita confesses to us, who assures us that she will even touch on topics as intimate as the care they will have with her husband so as not to have more babies.

Ana assures that being an entrepreneur, as is fashionable today, did not come even with maturity and less with fame, since since she can remember everything she saw she sold.

“I have been an entrepreneur since I was a child, I sold absolutely everything… I helped my grandmother make cookies, I took them to school and sold them… Tamales, oranges that my father had, I have never been ashamed to sell. I know that many people can have an income, and I give those advice in the podcast “, he tells us.

And it seems that its authenticity, curiosity and the themes it deals with in ‘Sin Filter’ made it quickly become a success, reaching high positions in the most important rankings.

“The truth is that my heart swelled and I cried with emotion, because it was just when my father was 7 months old, and he loved to see me shine, he loved me to fulfill my dreams … Happy because the public is supporting me in this new project, as in every one of the things I do “.

Ana Patricia Gámez. Photo: Courtesy Latin Icons

And precisely speaking of her father, who died in mid-2020 after battling cancer, Ana Patricia assures that since she is physically gone, her life has been showered with blessings that she does not doubt come from the man who gave her life. .

“My dad died in the middle of last year, and since then I have had a shower of blessings at work, in business, in earnings, with my children, with my family, as you have no idea. Last year was very difficult for everyone, for me it was one of the best, yes with the enormous loss of him, but I know that he is with me and moving his contacts because he is a super friend, his mouth filled up when he talked about me , that’s why I fight to be a better person “says Anita and gets excited.

The Mexican presenter wants to leave her mark wherever she goes, be it on TV, in business, with her loved ones, on the fans, and precisely the latter were the ones who launched themselves to ask for her return to ‘Wake up America’ in a poll the show did on their social media about what they would like.

But would Anita be willing to return to the show that gave her so much satisfaction?

“I’m going to return to ‘Despierta América’ but in visit mode … I closed the cycle when I decided to undertake this project with ‘Falling in love’, because I already needed to do something else … Get up early and get up at 4 in the morning, that’s enough, I learned a lot and the fact of returning would not happen “he says bluntly.

‘Sin Filter’, Ana Patricia Gámez’s podcast, you can listen to for free on all digital platforms.


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