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Exiles ask the US to intervene to prevent a bloodbath in Cuba over protests

Supporters of the president of Cuba support him in the face of protests.

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The Cuban exile in Miami supported this Sunday the protests taking place in several cities and towns in Cuba and asked the United States Government to lead an international intervention to prevent the protesters from being victims of “A bloodbath.”

“The day came when the people of Cuba got up”, Orlando Gutiérrez, from the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, a platform of opposition organizations from inside and outside the island, told Efe.

The exile leader in Miami, who chairs the Cuban Democratic Directorate, stressed that, according to his information, there are protests in more than 15 cities and towns in Cuba.

“It is very clear what the people of Cuba want, for this regime to end,” he stressed in statements to Efe.

The Assembly called on the people to stay on the streets and the Cuban Police and Armed Forces to stand on the side of the people.

Rosa María Paya, of the Cuba Decide movement, which has released several videos of today’s protests, spoke in similar terms to Gutiérrez when consulted by Efe.

As he told Efe, the repression has already begun and there is even talk of shooting victims.

From Cuba it was reported that in the protests carried out this Sunday by hundreds of Cubans in the towns of San Antonio de los Baños (Artemisa, west) and Palma Soriano (Santiago de Cuba, east) there have been acts of police violence, according to reports from eyewitnesses.

This morning hundreds of Cubans took to the streets of those towns to protest against the Government shouting “Down with the dictatorship!”, “Freedom”, “we have no fear” and “homeland and life.”

The unprecedented demonstration was broadcast live by Facebook users and takes place in the midst of a serious economic and health crisis in the Caribbean country, where the population complains of a lack of food, medicine and other basic products.

Residents of San Antonio, a town in the Artemisa province located about 37 kilometers west of Havana, told Efe reporters that during the street demonstration, the police violently repressed and detained some of the participants.

Faced with the unusual public protest in San Antonio, the Cuban president appeared at the scene, Miguel Diaz-Canel, who in an act of response held in a square in that town with a group of supporters launched a proclamation in which he blamed the shortage of food and medicine on the United States embargo against the island.

This is the largest anti-government protest on the island since the so-called “maleconazo”, when in August 1994, in the middle of the “special period”, hundreds of people took to the streets of Havana and did not leave until the then Cuban leader Fidel Castro arrived.

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