Sunday, June 20

‘Expediente Warren 3’, ‘The Good Traitor’ and the Spanish ‘Karen’ star on the billboard

A scene from 'The Warren File: Forced by the Devil 3'

A scene from ‘The Warren File: Forced by the Devil 3’

The month of June starts on the billboard with the premiere of ‘The Warren File: Forced By The Demon‘, the new sequel to the James Wan horror franchise, the drama’ The Good Traitor ‘and the French comedy’ My God, the kids are back! “. The billboard also includes the film starring Sigourney Weaver ‘Dreams of a writer in New York’ and ‘Karen’, the feature film about the author of ‘Out of Africa’.

‘The Warren File: Forced by the Demon’

It tells a chilling tale of horror, murder and an unknown evil that shocked even seasoned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in real life. This is one of the most sensational cases in their archives, which begins with the fight for a child’s soul and ends up dragging them beyond anything they have ever seen before. It is the first time in American history that a murder suspect has used demonic possession as a defense. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprise Ed and Lorraine Warren. The film also stars Ruairi O’Connor, Sarah Catherine Hook y Julian Hilliard.

‘Dreams of a writer in New York’

From director and screenwriter Philippe Falardeu, it stars Margaret Qualley and the three-time Oscar nominee. Sigourney Weaver. In the film Joanna is a young aspiring great writer who gets a job at a literary agency as an assistant to Margaret, JD Salinger’s manager. Among other tasks, Joanna must respond to the many letters sent by fans around the world to the author of ‘Catcher in the Rye’.

‘The Good Traitor’

By Danish filmmaker Christina Rosendahl, it is based on a true story. Located at the dawn of World War II, Henrik Kauffmann is the Danish ambassador in Washington in 1939 when the situation becomes critical, especially after the German troops invade and occupy Denmark. At that moment, Kauffmann makes a crucial decision in history: to declare himself the only true representative of a free Denmark in opposition to the Nazis. The drama stars Ulrich Thomsen and Denise Gough, both recently awarded Best Actor and Best Actress Awards at the BCN Film Festival.

‘My God, the children are back!’

French comedy directed by Michèle Laroque, in which Catherine and Yann are a happy marriage. They have been married for years, but since he sold his business, he lives by and for bonsai and Catherine feels ignored. As if that weren’t enough, the couple’s 27-year-old daughter stands at home with her boyfriend when they are kicked out of their apartment.

‘A little setback’

Another comedy that hits theaters this week, under the direction of Josh Lawson, in which its protagonist is a young man used to leaving everything for ‘later’ until one day he wakes up and sees how his life has taken a leap. The young man faces a race against time as his life crumbles around him.


The singer-songwriter and actress Christina Rosenvinge returns to the big screen with ‘Karen’, a film about the life of the Danish aristocrat Karen Blixen, the author of ‘Out of Africa’ and with a controversial past among historians for her colonial attitude on the African continent. ‘Karen’ is an intimate portrait of the Danish colonist in recent times in Africa and especially of the particular relationship with her Somali servant Farah Aden. A strange friendship in which differences that seem insurmountable are diluted before an ancestral understanding.


The Danish film directed by Anders Olholm and Frederik Louis Hviid, in which in a multicultural society, segregated and full of racial tensions in today’s Denmark, Talib, a young second-generation immigrant, falls into a coma while under police guardianship. As police officers HOyer and Andersen make a routine patrol through the Svalegarden ghetto, the young man’s death is announced, sparking violent riots in the neighborhood.

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