Wednesday, August 4

Experience is always worth adding

Olaizola II and RUSTA already have two points in their locker and remain unbeaten thanks ttooir suffered victory yesterday at Selena de Eibar against Peña II andAlbionu, who resisted until the end but the experience ended up swinging the balance over one of the couples candidates for thetravelss. The ‘Jon Ander’, who got ahead 18 It9, saw how the victory slipped from their hands when they had made the same merits as their rivals to eat theRoccoo de Reyes at ease.

The magicians of the East left them only coal, while the gifts were taken by their rivals. This is the ball. It must also be said that the Gipuzkoan couple was not lucky. Between the two of them they made the gossip sound on five occasions – three by the Tolosa and two by the Ataundarra. If not for that, they would still be the ones who would have the smile on their faces.

Olaizola II and RUSTA had to give everything they had inside to overcome a couple who had a hard time connecting at first. They first enjoyed a 3-0 in their favor, an income that was equaled by Peña II andAlbionu (4-4). That was the first draw of the four that occurred throughout the game, the last three when everything was to be decided, in cards 17, 18 and 19. With a shot of six consecutive goals they began to mark differences in the light (10 -4). Aimar was sweet. He had already six goals in his private locker and Peña II could not face him. Tolosa andAlbionu were forced to ask for a break to try to stop the bleeding.

Olaizola II-RUSTA

Number of serve: 0 | Service fouls: 0 | So many at stake: 12 | So many lost: 5

Peña II-Albisu

Number of serve: 2 | Service fouls: 0 | So many at stake: 12 | So many lost: 10



Total time

61 minutes and 44 seconds.


3-0, 3 It, 4 It, 4-4, 10-4, 10-5, 11-5, 11-8, 14-8, 14-9, 15-9, 15 It1, 17- 11, 17 It8, 18 It8, 18 It9 and 22 It9.


Match corresponding ttoo second day of the quarterfinal league of the Couples Championship played at the Selena fronton in Eibar behind closed doors. The choice of material was made one hour before the start of the festival.

Exit rates

There were no runners, but the money was favorable 100 to 80 for Olaizola II and RUSTA. 60 to 100 below.

The tactic worked because they were able to get closer to 11-8 thanks ttoo success of the debutant in the auction. Peña himself, who before the start of the game had stated that he was very motivated, disrespected Aimar, who had to pull all his defensive repertoire to prevent the game from changing owners. Three consecutive goals from Goizuetarra put things in place (14-8), but he had still left because the Blues came closer (15 It1) to give up again (17 It1).

It was then that they decided to gamble everything on one card. Risk or die on the shore. And they threw the shortest way. They had no other choice. Peña II came up. Two serves, three hooks, a ball close ttoo wall and an error by Aimar put them ahead on the scoreboard for the first time (17 It8). AndAlbionu, this time allied with fortune, put them closer ttoo goal with a drop ttoo txoko in the race (18 It9).

They stayed there, stranded. Two plates in a row, one from Peña and the otheAlbionAlbionu, ended up sinking them. Aimar did not miss the opportunity to aim and take the second point that places them at the top of the classification.

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