Thursday, March 23

Explosions in Crimea cost Black Sea Fleet commander his job

The explosions and the flight of Russian civilians have been the tonic on the occupied Crimean peninsula during this week. two deflagrations in airfields Y military depots They have set off all the alarms, forcing the Kremlin to make a move and appoint Viktor Sokolov as the new commander of the Black Sea Fleet, according to Russian media reports. Previously this position was held by Igor Osipovalthough it has not been ratified his dismissal publicly. If confirmed, he would be the highest-ranking military officer to have been dismissed since Moscow sent his army to fight in Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defence Russian has admitted, in a statement quoted by the Tass agency, that the latest explosion has destroyed “a military warehouse in the town of Dzhankoe.” On this occasion, civil installations such as a high-voltage line, electrical substations, private homes and the railway line have also suffered damage. The previous explosion, on August 9 -Russia has not clarified the cause to date-, was at an airfield in the town of Saki. Several vehicles were damaged in it.

Although Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for these incidents, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyhas asked through the networks to the citizens of crimea and of southern ukraine –occupied by Russia– that “have great care“. Please do not go near Russian military facilities where they store ammunition and equipment,” he added.

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Videos in Russia that have gone viral have illustrated the consequences of ukrainian sabotage: Long lines of Russian civilian vehicles leaving the region. In one of them a tearful woman assures “this is horrible“. The Crimean peninsula is a popular tourist destination for its climate and coastline, despite the fact that its annexation in 2014 was not recognized by most of the international community, which considers it an integral part of Ukraine.

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And now the conflict has reached this corner that seemed so far removed from the danger of war in the eyes of many Russians. This is also understood by the leader imposed by Moscow in Crimea, Sergei Aksionov. “It’s an emergency situation,” the politician acknowledged. According to the Russian agency Ria Novosti, they have evacuated about 2,000 people and have been suspended all rail services.

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