Sunday, September 25

Extremadura adds 13 more deaths from covid in the last week


There are 80 people admitted due to the virus, 17 less than the previous Thursday and 37 less than 14 days ago

The data in the weekly balance of the epidemiological situation in Extremadura improves, although in the last seven days we must regret the death of 13 more people from covid. This is five fewer than the previous week and the same as two weeks ago, according to Public Health data. In total, 2,560 have lost their lives to the virus since the pandemic began in March 2020.

In Badajoz there have been five deaths: four 85-year-old men, two 79 and 48-year-olds and a 99-year-old neighbor from the capital of Badajoz. In Cáceres city, an 85-year-old woman has lost her life.

In Mérida, three other people have died: two women aged 86 and 97 and a 91-year-old man. Two women from Villafranca de los Barros, 98 and 96 years old, have also died in this health area.

The Don Benito-Villanueva de la Serena Health Area records two deaths: a 60-year-old woman from Castuera and a 95-year-old woman from Villanueva de la Serena.

All the deceased had received the coronavirus vaccine.

Data from the latest Public Health reports

  • Thursday, August 4:
    18 deaths and 97 hospitalized.

  • Thursday, July 28:
    13 deaths and 117 hospitalized.

  • Thursday, July 21:
    26 deaths and 149 hospitalized.

  • Thursday, July 14:
    26 deaths and 173 hospitalized.

  • Thursday, July 7:
    18 deaths and 176 hospitalized

The number of hospitalized patients continues to trend downward. Extremadura registers 80 people admitted for coronavirus (17 less than the previous Thursday) and continues for the second week below one hundred. The health area with the most hospitalized patients is Cáceres, with 28. It is followed by Don Benito-Villanueva (14), Badajoz (8), Mérida (6), Plasencia (5), Llerena-Zafra (4), Navalmoral de la Mata (4) and Coria (3).

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Of the total, eight people are in intensive care, the same number as last Thursday. Three of them are hospitalized in Cáceres, another three in Mérida, one in Badajoz and another in Don Benito-Villanueva.

The accumulated incidence in people over 60 years of age, the only one that is already recorded, stands at 529.52 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days, which represents a decrease of 174 points in the last seven days. For its part, the index to seven is at 223, which is why it has registered a drop of 82 points since last Thursday.


  • Caceres:
    630 deaths.

  • Badajoz:
    465 deaths.

  • Merida:
    368 deaths.

  • Don Benito-Villanueva de la Serena:
    361 deaths.

  • Plasencia:
    283 deaths:

  • Llerena-Zafra:
    182 deaths.

  • Navalmoral de la Mata.
    140 deaths.

  • Coria:
    131 deaths.


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