Tuesday, March 28

Extremadura offers 732 reception places for Ukrainian refugees

Vergeles insists that solidarity be channeled through official channels

The Junta de Extremadura has so far offered -and within a “dynamic” process- to the Ministry of Inclusion a total of 732 reception places for Ukrainian refugees in the region (both adults and minors), also arising “thanks to the goodwill« of the mayors, companies and individuals who have made their homes or properties available.

Of said total of squares, on which all of them are not yet prepared, and that the community proposes to the ministry as a possibility in case they are needed, specifically around 60 will work in Olivenza and between 50 and 60 in Cáceres.

In this way, the second vice president and Minister of Health and Social Services, José María Vergeles, explained it this Thursday in statements to the media at an event in Badajoz, to questions about the planned meeting with the Autonomous Communities to address a guide for the reception of Ukrainian, and where he has once again called for the solidarity of Extremadurans to be channeled through official channels “to make it effective and so that it reaches those who have to reach it.”

In this sense, it has also stressed that the Ministry of Inclusion must always be informed in detail of the people who arrive from Ukraine because “that is good for the rights that these people can enjoy and that they do not stay in no man’s land” .

Thus, those people who are referred from the Ministry of Inclusion in the provincial police station of Badajoz and in that of Cáceres “the points to obtain a visa, residence and work permit are open”, after which they are given a accompaniment process where they are asked for the health card (and if they are minors they are given access to schooling).

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Similarly, Vergeles explained that the Junta de Extremadura is also working to inform companies and businessmen that with the kind of visa that is offered in the first 24 hours to Ukrainian refugees arriving in Spain “they have possibilities to work for one year in the country, extendable up to three years».


On the other hand, Vergeles has recognized that the minors arriving from Ukraine are very concerned, which is why the Board has issued an instruction so that the Social Services, if they detect their presence, inform the National Police for their affiliation and thereby giving them adequate attention and avoiding the “trafficking that is usually given in armed conflicts,” he says.

“We are very concerned about minors, therefore, a few days ago we gave an instruction to the Social Services, so that when a minor is detected, whether or not accompanied by his family, the National Police is informed because there are than affiliate them».

“They arrive at the refugee camps, the way to leave the countries is very complicated in those places and there are always people who do not seek the best of goals with these minors and we cannot allow that in a society like ours,” has said.

“Therefore, all those who arrive and are detected through the Social Services will be referred to the Police stations,” adds the counselor, who explained that the same instruction has been sent by the Junta de Extremadura to Education “for the who do not go to Social Services but go to school also have to go through the act of affiliation ».

The good will”

On the other hand, Vergeles thanked the “good will” of those who go to the border on their own to try to help and to take refugees back, although “what is important at this time is to channel through official channels the form of arrival of those people.”

“Because I don’t know what the selection system is to bring people, I don’t even know if that’s the ones who need it most or those who tell them they have to bring it,” he snapped.

Thus, it has stressed that in the face of a humanitarian crisis of dimensions that are still unknown and that are already being of significant importance, it cannot be assumed that «now in a kind of practically opportunity to see who gets in the car and who you need to get in the car first.

In this way, he has asked society to reflect on this and to use the official means because “things are being done well by the administration.” “It is going as fast as possible and a directive that has not been applied since 2001 in international protection is being applied, all with the aim of giving the maximum rights in the minimum possible time,” he said.

“If this is not respected, we cannot be held responsible for what happens afterwards. It means, if someone brings a group of people and we are not aware that this group of people is here, we do not know how they come, nor do we have their coming scheduled, that can complicate things a lot,” said Vergeles, who has asked “please » that this type of initiative should not be promoted or encouraged «because people want to help, they also want to feel useful».


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