Monday, April 22

Extremadura will be in high fire danger from Monday

Luis Exposito

With a week ahead of what has been usual in recent times, the Board has declared that starting next Monday the region will be in high fire danger. As published this morning by the Official Gazette of Extremadura (DOE), the season of high danger of forest fires is declared «the period between May 23 and October 15, 2022 both inclusive, which may be extended by resolution of the competent body, if the weather conditions so advise. Traditionally this period started on June 15, but in recent years it had been brought forward to June 1.

It is understood that the time of high danger is that in which “due to weather conditions, the risk of fire starting and spreading increases, which advises a total deployment of the existing means to suffocate it and a regulation of the uses and activities that may increase said risk or that may cause fire.

In a practical way, this declaration translates into a series of limitations for agriculture, livestock and outdoor leisure. It must be remembered that, in general, permission must be requested to burn stubble (the remains of crops that remain in the field after harvest) and that since last week the burning of pruning remains has not been allowed, which are these piles of branches that form after trees have been pruned. From now on, with few exceptions, all stubble burning and open-air barbecues are prohibited.

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But this declaration also has an important bureaucratic part, because the Infoex workers stop doing prevention work and all its troops are prepared from now on with the mission of fighting against the fires that are declared.

The lack of rain and the heat is causing an increase in fires in recent days. Last Tuesday, without going any further, the Infoex Plan had to activate the first level 1 of danger of the year due to a fire declared in Mérida, on the road to the town of Don Álvaro. After being extinguished in the area, two checkpoints, a helicopter and members of the fire consortium of the Diputación de Badajoz were maintained in auction work.

Due to the forecast for the coming days, the spokesman for the Junta de Extremadura, Juan Antonio González, reminded the citizens of the region on Wednesday that “all appropriate precautions” must be taken to avoid fires now that they are being registered high temperatures.

He has made such a reminder in light of the high temperatures that are being recorded these days in the community, and that will presumably continue in the coming days as well. “We want to remind the people of Extremadura that due to the situation of high temperatures that we have and also are coming in the next few days, they must take all appropriate precautions” to avoid fires, González said at a press conference in Mérida after the meeting of the Governing Council of the Board.

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