Sunday, February 5

Extremadura will reach 30 degrees this weekend

Many families will take advantage of the weekend sun to go to the fields / TODAY

On Saturday the region will suffer an episode of haze again, but much milder than last March

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The showers and storms that have accompanied Extremadura since Tuesday disappear this afternoon in the south and east. The goodbye to the Atlantic storm that has crossed the region will give way to the heat with a progressive rise in thermometers that will reach 28 degrees this Friday and 30 degrees on Saturday.

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) forecasts cloudy intervals for today, with daytime cloudiness, with showers that may go with a storm in the eastern half, without ruling them out, although more dispersed, in the rest. The storms could at some point be accompanied by hail as it did yesterday in Guadalupe (Las Villuercas) where it caused flooding in several streets of the town of Cáceres. The storm of water and hail that fell in just 15 minutes placed the town of Cáceres as the ninth municipality in Spain that accumulated the most water per square meter this Wednesday, with 21.8 liters.

Other localities that also collected notable amounts of water were Nuñomoral (Las Hurdes), with 18.6; Alburquerque (Lácara-Los Baldíos), with 10.6; Puerto Rey (Las Villuercas), with 9.8; and Cañamero (Las Villuercas), with 9.6 litres.

temperature rise

On Friday there will be no trace left in the region of the Atlantic storm and the thermometers will begin to rise. The Aemet forecasts slightly cloudy or clear skies and temperatures will rise, slightly in the minimum and notable in the maximum.

28 degrees are expected in the city of Badajoz and 25 in Cáceres.

30 degrees and hot

Saturday will be the hottest day during the weekend where it could reach 30 degrees at points in the province of Badajoz, more likely to the west. In the capital of Cáceres, temperatures will be around 27 degrees.

The Aemet forecast is that the sky will be slightly cloudy with intervals of high clouds, and with some evolution of cloudiness in the afternoon.

For this day, Extremadura is expected to suffer an episode of haze again, but much milder than last March.

The entry of suspended dust, which degrades air quality, will affect the Iberian Peninsula in a special way in the east of Andalusia, Murcia, Albacete and the southern half of the Valencian Community.

Already on Sunday, the forecast of the Aemet, the sky will be cloudy with intervals of high clouds, and with cloudiness of evolution in the afternoon. This day some weak and scattered showers are not ruled out in the north of Extremadura. The minimum temperatures will remain and the light ones will drop between 2 and 3 degrees.

Rain for Monday and Tuesday

Although it is still early to speak of a reliable forecast, for the moment the meteorological models suggest that on Monday and Tuesday the rains could return to the region in the form of showers. In addition, the thermometers will drop up to five degrees in many parts of Extremadura compared to Sunday, registering the maximum at 23 in Badajoz and 20 in Cáceres.

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