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Extremadurans in rural areas buy more online and telework less than the national average

The technological avant-garde focused on the rural world will meet at the Feval facilities for two days. / TODAY

Tomorrow and Friday the iRural 2022 Technology Fair will be held in Feval with exhibitions and discussion and exchange forums


The activities that Extremadurans from rural areas carry out the most when they access the Internet are: surfing (88%), reading e-mails (83%); use social networks, blogs or messaging applications (82%); buy ‘online’ (64%) or carry out procedures with the bank (62%), figures very similar to the average of other similar areas of Spain.

However, in Extremadura the use of the internet to make online purchases is significantly higher than in the rest of Spain (53%), while the viewing of movies, series or sports is much lower, 42% in the region and the 56% national average.

The preferred devices to connect are the mobile (98%), the laptop (87%) and the tablet (64%).

Among the most notable differences with respect to the national average: the ‘Smart TV’ (televisions connected to the network) and the desktop computer have less presence in homes in rural areas of Extremadura, while the use of smart devices, such as Alexa , from Amazon, is higher than the Spanish average.

Another noteworthy fact is that 16% telecommute, compared to the 25% average registered in these rural areas at the national level. Likewise, more than half of those surveyed (63%) affirm that they need the internet for the daily development of their work, a slightly lower percentage than in the rest of Spain (67%).

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It is also noteworthy that for 8 out of 10 of those consulted (78%) the technological infrastructure in rural areas is not enough if the inhabitants of these areas are not provided with digital skills.

These and other data on digital habits in rural populations in Extremadura emerge from the Asteo Observatory survey, carried out in collaboration with the Random opinion and socioeconomic research company, which has surveyed different aspects related to the digital habits of residents in areas with less than 10,000 inhabitants, which do have an internet connection, either fixed or mobile.

The company will present the study at the iRural 2022 Rural Technology Fair, which will be held tomorrow and Friday at the Feval facilities.


The main objective of the technology fair, which will host the Feval facilities for two days, is to give value, disseminate and show the different products and services that can be made available to rural areas, with the aim of improving it socially and economically. , guaranteeing an increase in the population and providing development opportunities comparable to those of the urban environment.

The fair will have an exhibition where avant-garde, specific, transversal, latest technology solutions, sale of products and solutions that adapt to different sectors will be shown.

This event is represented as an opportunity for the pooling of different cross-border projects and alliances, in a socio-economic space that shares rurality and in which pan-European services and technologies are developed (cloud, blockchain, cybersecurity).

There will also be discussion and exchange forums for interested parties to share their experiences and needs.

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