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‘Extreme heat alert’ decreed in New York City for high temperatures of more than 90 degrees

The current ‘heat wave’ affecting New York City will last at least until Wednesday.

Photo: Mariela Lombard / El Diario NY

New York City has been facing extreme high temperatures since last weekend that will continue in the coming days, which is officially considered a ‘heat wave’, since the thermometer will be at plus 90 ° Fahrenheit for at least three days in a row, and that is why Mayor Bill de Blasio decreed this Monday a ‘extreme heat alert’.

The forecasts of the National Weather Service indicate that in addition to the 93 degrees that would be registered this Monday, the thermometer will rise even more Tuesday with 94 ° and then it will continue at 91 ° on Wednesday.

“This extreme color alert goes into effect at noon today and until eight at night tomorrow, and you must take this very seriously. The most important thing when we launch these alerts is to help you make the adjustments in your day to day, and not do things the same way as you normally do, but taking into account how serious the consequences of this heat can be “, he indicated De Blasio.

The president reminded New Yorkers, especially those who do not have air conditioning, that as part of the alert, the immediate opening of calls is ordered ‘cooling centers’ (cooling centers), which are designated places, including parked buses, where you can go to keep cool during the worst of the hot hours.

“Anyone who needs a cooling center should call 311 to find information on the one closest to home,” said De Blasio, adding that “you can also register at ‘Notify NYC’ to receive regular updates on the weather, as it is key to be informed with what we are facing. “

‘Notify NYC’ is a City app dedicated to providing public information about emergencies, including weather, 27 hours a day, 7 days a week. But in addition, you can also find details about this heat alert on the website

“Stay at home”

The commissioner of the Office of Emergency Management John Scrivani, recalled that the City “has a series of programs to help New Yorkers plan ahead and stay safe during these extreme heat waves that will occur in the summer.”

And about the cooling centers he highlighted: “Now we have 200 open in all the five counties, but also remember that the beaches and swimming pools are also open, as well as the parks that have water showers, and that they will be open until Wednesday “

And as general recommendations, the commissioner said that you should try to stay indoors at all times, and if you have, use the air conditioning constantly. But if you have to go outside, you should avoid doing extreme physical activities, especially during the peak hours of the sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., and if you have no alternative but to do those activities, you must stay hydrated constantly.

And something very important, do not forget to check your neighbors, especially if they are elderly and never leave children or animals in a car.

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