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Extremum Fest arrives, the first festival of beef, wine and horses

The pieces selected by PepeChuletón will be grilled with oak firewood and vine shoots. / TODAY

Benjamín Caballero has created a special menu

The dehesa La Torrecilla, the estate where the Habla winery is located, presents
Extremum Fest: his first Extremadura gastronomic day with a clear protagonist, the ox. It is an animal raised on the farm itself, extensively and with a sustainable diet.

The appointment will take place on April 2 in the municipality of Trujillo. Meat lovers, wine lovers and also horse lovers will enjoy this gastronomic meeting, as there will also be an exhibition of purebred Spanish horses. Also, attendees will make a complete visit to the winery and its facilities.

Benjamin Knight, a prestigious chef from Extremadura, has created two tastings with beef (one cold option and one hot) prior to the star dish, the famous steak selected by PepeChuletón. A piece that Mikel Garrotxategi, a Basque barbecue cook from the famous Casa Julián de Tolosa, a specialist in roasts, will cook on the oak grill. Benjamín Caballero’s dishes are a beef tenderloin tartare with slices of bread and free-range egg yolk, and a grandmother-style beef stew made with chorizo ​​from the slaughter. In addition, the dessert will be a traditional sweet that the shepherds made in our meadow.

There will also be Mikel Gorrotxategi, the Basque griller from the famous Casa Julián, in Tolosa

Mikel Garrotxategi will also give a tutorial to those present to teach them the best
tricks when cooking on the grill different cuts of beef.

All of this will be harmonized with the wines Habla de ti…, Rita, Habla Nº26 and Habla Nº24, the first single-variety Cabernet Franc in the winery’s history, from the 2018 vintage. It was released on the market just a few weeks ago , so those who attend this gastronomic event may be among the first to try it.

Extremum Fest has not only been designed for carnivores but also for wine lovers, since those who decide to make a pilgrimage to this Extremaduran temple, such as Dehesa la Torrecilla, will enjoy a guided tour of one of the wineries with the greatest impact and recognition in Extremadura.

Those who decide to come with children will be able to do so. The team formed by Dehesa la Torrecilla will organize a series of games for the little ones in the house, while activities focused on adults take place. Once finished, the families will meet again at the table to taste the options prepared by the chefs. In addition to the main menu geared towards adults, Benjamín will prepare a children’s menu for children under the age of twelve. Tickets for this event can be purchased on the Habla website.

Speech #28

In addition, the brand is making its debut these days, as it has just launched its Habla Nº28, a limited edition wine, 100% Tempranillo, from the 2019 vintage. It is the fifth that the winery has launched this variety on the market —after the Nº2, the Nº15, the Nº19 and the Nº22— since in 2007 he began his ‘Limited Edition’ series. It is aged for thirteen months in new French oak barrels and one year of rest in the bottle.

This monovarietal was awarded last year by the LWC (London Wine Competition) as Best Spanish Wine, so this 2022 is positioned as one of the favorites. It has a modern cut, bright and clear, with abundant crimson tones and notable glyceric sensations. On the nose it is sophisticated and complex, with a marked character of strawberries and sweet notes of orange blossom. With a spicy background that brings back memories of oregano. It has a delicate entry in the mouth and is silky in its passage, with a great balance and freshness that surround its long journey, with some sensations of mocha.

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