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Fabién of ‘NBL’: “It would be a pride to wear that crown to my people in Cuba”

Fabién de la Concepción entered ‘Our Latin Beauty’ without any preparation. She never went through the communication university, or through any medium, social networks were unknown to her, and despite the fact that this year Univision demanded more than ever from the participants, she decided to be daring, participate and she stayed!

His sincerity, his way of connecting, first won over the judges Giselle Blondet, Daniella Álvarez, Adal Ramones and Jomari Goyso, and then the public. A week from knowing whether or not she will be the new queen, Fabién opens his heart exclusively to us and shares his great dream: “It would be a pride to bring that crown to my people in Cuba”.

-You are the mystery of this competition, you arrived more by intuition than by preparation and you are in the semifinal.

Fabién de la Concepción: Likewise, the truth is I did not expect it. As I myself have been commenting from the beginning: I have zero experience in everything in the media, even in social networks, I have never done a live in my life, I was not a person to make stories, they did not even have followers for work, time, as I am alone with my boyfriend, because it was very difficult for me to maintain that contact on social networks that today are important if one he wants to dedicate himself to that. The truth I am very impressed, I did not imagine that I would go so far, but I’m sure all those people who have led me to this semi-final are seeing somethingHim, because it is unquestionably thanks to them that I am here today.

-What was the engine to decide to be in ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’, even though you did not know anything about this medium?

Fabién de la Concepción: I’m going to tell you something that I have always carried with me, You don’t grow in the comfort zone, and that’s what happened to me. I have been a dental assistant since I arrived in the United States, that will be 7 years now, and it was so easy for me, so fast to dedicate myself to that, with my eyes closed, that I said: “I don’t want to be here all my life I want to do something different I know that I can give more out there, I know that if a door opens up for me in this environment, I know that I will do very well“… I’m not going to tell you I’m the best because it would sound a bit selfish, but I do know that I’m going to do it very well. Obviously, with a lot of preparation and with a lot of dedication, and I think that was the foot that led me to make this decision …

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In Cuba this program is very famous, we all watch it, to the best of our ability, because there it is a bit difficult. A Aunt I have there in Cuba, who 2 days before making the decision to come to the United States told me: “As soon as you arrive you have to do the casting of the ‘Latin Beauty’, you have the bearing, and then they will to give the preparation and that will open many doors for you ”… When you arrive here the panorama is completely different, because when you are in your country and you want to come to your country you imagine many things, that when you arrive here they are not. One has to face work, which had never worked in Cuba, because to pay a little more attention to more important things in life than pursuing a dream, and it was my turn to put it aside for a moment, And in this year of the pandemic I said, “you know what, I’m going to risk, I have nothing to lose, on the contrary, a lot to gain”… And I have won a lot, a lot, a lot.

Giselle with Fabien de la Concepción
Giselle with Fabien de la Concepción. Photo: Univision

-You learned?

Fabién de la Concepción: From the first gala I looked like a toad sitting in that chair. I used to tell the cameramen that you have that relationship from the beginning, and he told me that your diction, how to sit down, how to stand up … That day I saw those finery, when I saw that first galas and when I saw the Fabién of now and I said, “wow”, I already feel different, I stop and I express myself differently, I am still the same, my concepts are the same, but I have definitely had a great change and an evolution thanks to ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’.

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-What do you think when you have girls in the semifinal who are prepared, who have studied, some have gone through the media, and you have great talent but you haven’t sculpted it yet?

Fabién de la Concepción: For me it is something impressive that I have come so far with all these girls, but precisely I came to represent that we do not necessarily have to have a preparation, that we do not have to be afraid because the others who have participated in beauty contests or have this academic preparation or have worked on television or have read a promter or have contactsPeople who can obviously help you in this way, it is not necessary, it is not necessary. I think the most important thing, and what What has led me here is to never stop being me, to always represent where I come from, what I want and where I want to go.

That has been what has kept me strong, for me it has been very very very difficult, but I believe that staying strong and not letting those fears, and not allowing oneself to be compared or overshadowed by those things is very important, and I want to maintain that until the end … I want to tell all those girls out there who are like me, who come to this country alone, who leave their family behind, that it is not necessary, that is not needed, I have come so far and I have impressive girls with a talent next to me, all these factors influence but do not determineWhat determines are the desire, the desires and always being you and that is why I am here.

Our Latin Beauty
Our Latin Beauty. Photo: Univision

-When you leave here people will recognize you, and everything that comes out of your mouth can touch people, how do you live that responsibility?

Fabién de la Concepción: It is a very big responsibility and I have not assimilated it at allWe even have the chaperone at the mansion who tells me: “You don’t understand, but she was already famous … You don’t understand, you have to wake up.” I’m awake, but I think it’s going to be hard for me to assimilate it when I go out thereFrom having the phone and seeing all those things, to the reaction of people.

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-In a few days someone is going to take the crown, and that person can be you. With or without crown, what’s next for you?

Fabién de la Concepción: We all want the crown, from when we were 46 until now that we are 6 … From here I take much more important things than the crown, that is something I have always said, and that is key. Here I have met extraordinary people, people worthy of admiration, and I think that is something much more beautiful than a title or a crown.

Obviously We all want to work in the middle and that is the goal, but we are here and it is time to win, which is what I tell the other girls, and at 6 we are winners, we are 10 winners, and the one who takes the crown is happy. If it’s me, congratulations I would be proud to wear that crown to my people in Cuba, that we’re going through so much right now, and I’m representing them, and I think In these times of so much sadness, I am that little ray of light that they may need in such calamity and so many ugly situations that we are going through there. I have my family there obviously and that reaches me a lot, but Winning the crown or not I don’t think it defines my dream, my dream will define everything that I strive for and everything that I continue to grow as a person, as a professionl, to reach a very important place in this medium.



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