Monday, November 29

Facebook changes its name to Meta and the rain of memes did not wait

Zuckerberg broke the news of the new name change during an augmented virtual reality conference.

Photo: CHRIS DELMAS / AFP / Getty Images

Yesterday, Thursday, October 28, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the name change of his parent company. Now it will stop being called Facebook and will be Meta.

Zuckerberg broke the news during an augmented virtual reality conference and he spoke about the new vision for the future that the company has, where it intends to venture into a new technology known as the metaverse.

Although Zuckerberg seemed very excited about the new name change, the reality is that it was not so well received by many users, who did not miss the opportunity to make memes mocking the company.

Here we share some of the funniest.

Two options are given in this publication. The blue pill says “Fix internal problems and improve the product” and the red pill says “Go ‘Goal’”.

Then there’s a hand, suggesting it’s from Zuckerberg, picking out a bunch of red pills, hinting that the CEO wants to fix his company’s problems only by making a superficial change.

In this meme you see a man, who supposedly would be Mark Zuckerberg plugging a hole in a barrel that is spilling water. On the barrel it says “All Facebook problems.” The meme suggests the same as the previous one.

Another meme scoffs saying that all the people who have the infinity symbol tattoo must be upset that the new name, since Meta also includes this symbol.

This girl says that the name change from Facebook to Meta is because the social network is as addictive as the drug Methamphetamine.

In this meme where we see a Barack Obama put a medal on another Barack Obama, it is implied that he really Zuckerberg’s company is not changing anything with its name.

It should be noted that the Facebook name will be retained to refer to the popular social media site. However, the company, Facebook Inc, is the one that will be renamed Meta.

It must be remembered that Facebook Inc is the company that also owns platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

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