Tuesday, August 9

“Facebook is a scandalous and reprehensible example of a new global economic order”

  • Lucia Blasco
  • BBC News World


Image source, Getty Images

“It was the best thing that could happen to Facebook.”

This is how the economist, sociologist and professor emeritus at Harvard Business School Shoshana Zuboff describes for BBC Mundo the global blackout that Mark Zuckerberg’s company suffered this Monday.

Facebook and its “family” of applications (Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp) went completely offline for almost six hours.

The massive interruption – which generated millions in losses and affected 3,500 million users – occurred amid scrutiny of the platform after the leak of internal documents that indicate that the social network “harms children and weakens democracy,” he said. Before the US Senate Frances Haugen, the former employee who made them public.


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