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Facebook will invest $ 150 million to conquer the metaverse

Virtual reality focused on the metaverse will open up new possibilities for the acquisition of knowledge, says Facebook.

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Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced that the company will allocate $ 150 million dollars that will be invested for the development of virtual reality learning experiencesas it can be a powerful teaching tool.

At your Connect 2021 event, the social network has announced that the investment will be made over the next three years to achieve its virtual reality learning goals.

Zuckerberg’s company seeks to increase the availability of content for VR learning as part of its efforts to shift its focus to the metaverse, so it has created a fund that will amount to $ 150 million for the consolidation of this new challenge.

Facebook is intent on building a strong ecosystem for learning in the metaverse and plans to do more than just create immersive educational experiences.

Part of the investment will go to the training of creators of augmented reality and virtual reality, so they can create their own experiences.

Unity will be collaborating with Facebook to train people the skills necessary to create virtual reality educational content.

The tool will be used Unity “Create with Virtual Reality for Educators” with Quest 2 Devices, to teach nonprofits and educational institutions, including colleges and universities with historically African-American student populations, as well as nonprofits to create immersive experiences for them.

Finally, Facebook communicated that it is taking measures to increase access to as many people as possible to new educational content with this technology, because after all, that work will go to waste if no one uses them to learn new things.

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