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Faced with the new confinement of Great Britain, should Spain worry?

Faced with the new confinement of Great Britain, should Spain worry?

Faced with the new confinement of Great Britain, should Spain worry?

Considering what happens in Great Britain and the rest of the surrounding countries, Should Spain and its communities fear following in the English wake of a new confinement?

For now, the increase in cases, deaths and hospital occupancy over ICU continues to escalate but not as overwhelmingly as in the United Kingdom.

According to data from the Ministry of Health this Tuesday, increased by 19.07 points, reaching 296.29 (below 250 is considered low risk), of the accumulated incidence in 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants. In addition, the hospital occupancy is 11.38% and that of the ICU, 23.13%. However, every day more cases of the British strain are known in the State and the festivities are not over yet.

The new confinement decreed for the United Kingdom (UK) has been decreed before the evolution of a coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, out of control. This same Monday, heThe health authorities reported that this Tuesday they once again exceeded their record number of daily cases by adding a total of 60,916 infections in the middle of the third epidemic wave.

It was the first time that UK (United Kingdom) exceeded 60,000 new infections in a single day; and the eighth day that they counted more than 50,000 infected daily. The result is a rate of 519.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

But this is not the only curve that is copying the path of an ascending rocket. The rest of the graphs are not more optimistic. The number of patients in hospitals with coronavirus, for example, also reaches record, with numbers above the first wave, reaching 23,557 on Monday.

The day of this Tuesday was the announcement of economic measures, more than 5,000 million euros for companies affected by the new restrictions.

The package includes the payment of a one-off supplementary grant of up to £99,000 (9,952 euros) per property for retail businesses, hotel and leisure businesses in order to help these companies endure until spring, report from Efe.

But the look does not move away from the health numbers. With hospital pressure on the rise, little maneuver was left for the territory of the British Isles where Scotland -which establishes its own levels- standing at number four, the highest of all (yesterday Denmark also raised the health alert to the highest level), to close schools, at least, until the end of the month.

It is also, for now, the date that Germany has set to have schools closed. In the German country, the restrictions have increased with the closure of non-essential businesses and the order that in the meetings of citizens as a limit there is a person who does not live together.

For France, the situation does not look good either. The contagions have skyrocketed reaching 20,489 new cases this Tuesday. The number of hospitalized patients with coronavirus rises although those in intensive care are falling almost imperceptibly. There, there is also criticism for the slow rate at which vaccines are administered.

While Britain’s new strain of coronavirus continues to gain ground across the world ahead. This Tuesday, for example, it was known that Iran detected the first case.

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