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Faculties of Fine Arts, Archeology and Tourism are demanded for Mérida

Two students on the Mérida university campus. / Today

The Association of Friends of Mérida asks to update the academic offer and recalls the often unfulfilled promise of opening a public university residence in the city

The Friends of Mérida Association asks the University of Extremadura to become more involved with its campus in the city because, in the opinion of this association, the University considers CUME a second-class campus.

The center now offers Nursing, Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development, Geoinformation and Geomatics Engineering, Computer Engineering in Information Technologies, Telematics Engineering in Telecommunications, as well as a double degree program in Telematics Engineering and Computer Engineering. .

«It needs new facilities, both offices for the staff -which until the arrival of the covid were shared by two teachers each- and research laboratories; whose scarcity limits the capacities of the center in its fundamental work, scientific and technical research”, denounces Amigos de Mérida in a public statement.

He also believes it is necessary to update the academic offer. “To adapt to the new circumstances and to grow and get closer to a city, Mérida, which has unique cultural, social and political characteristics,” the group requests.

Specifically, Amigos de Mérida believes that the time has come to take proposals out of the freezer to implement Fine Arts, Archeology or Tourism once and for all. These qualifications have been claimed for Mérida for fifteen years.

One of the advantages of the CUME is that it currently has a student satisfaction index above the UEx average and its graduates have a job placement rate of almost 100% after five months and a first salary close to two thousand euros per month, according to the studies carried out periodically by the UEX on satisfaction and professional opportunities.

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Amigos de Mérida believes that as soon as communications in the region improve, CUME will increase its university population because Mérida’s geographical location allows a daily movement radius with many nearby urban points. It also recalls the electoral promise of the political parties to make a public university residence that has been promised so many times.

«The lack of importance of Mérida for the University can be deduced from details as insignificant as the absence of the UEX publication service at the Mérida book fair, when it does participate in those of Badajoz and Cáceres, to the shortcomings of its facilities sports on the Merida campus, which are currently well below those held, for example, by secondary education institutes in the city; passing through the maintenance and services of the facilities, of which the student body has frequently complained, “criticizes the association in its statement.

He also believes that a technological park is necessary to help create companies linked to the technical degrees that are taught.

«Strengthening the presence of the University of Extremadura in Mérida is not only convenient for Mérida, it is also convenient for the more than 250,000 Extremadurans who live less than 50 km from the capital and by extension, for an entire region that would benefit from a better university offer in the region”, he sentences.

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