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Fair distribution of points between Elche and Betis (1-1)

Elche CF and Betis the points were distributed fairly in a I am very evenly matched, very tactical and with two teams that were afraid of losing more than winning. In the end, the tie is a small booty that works for both sets. To the Andalusians on their way to the European squares and to the people of Elche for their fight for permanence, keeping the two points of advantage with the relegation places.

The franjiverdes came out with the expected starting eleven. Helibelton Palacios continued on the right side, despite the return of Barragan; and Pears Milla, before the withdrawal due to sanction of Lucas Boyé, formed the attacking duo together with Guido Carrillo.

The match started with a lot of respect from both teams. Elche pressed up to bother the game from behind Betis, who, in this situation, tried to surprise with passes to spaces on the wings.

The Betis came closer to the opposite area in the first minutes. Edgar Badia saved the first goal in a shot by Aitor Rubial. And at 11 minutes the script changed. The referee awarded a penalty for an obstruction of Gonzalo verdu on Borja Churchs. William Carvalho and Faker they made a good wall inside the area and Carvalho’s shot went out. Borja Iglesias looked for the ball and Gonzalo Verdú tried to stop it with the two players holding on. The Betis forward hit the post hard and the referee, after consulting with the VAR, decreed maximum penalty. The forward himself scored the 0-1, but shortly after he had to withdraw in pain from the strong blow that was hit with the post.

The meeting was getting uphill. It was difficult for Elche to reach the opposite area and in a lack of Fidel, Dani calvor it did not arrive, but MaleI cleared it by leaving the ball brushing the post. Mojica, who was very active for his band, put a good center that Víctor Ruiz prevented from reaching Guido Carrillo, that he was alone.

In minute 33, in a loss in midfield between Pere Milla, Marcone and Raúl Guti, the 0-2 could arrive. Canales shot outside in a good position inside the area.

In the final stretch of the first period, the franjiverdes took over the dominance. And from the possible 0-2 it went to 1-1. Tete Morente, which had barely entered the game, left two opposites and puts a perfect ball so that Pere Milla, in the mouth of goal, the tie was established. Even in minute 43, Claudio Bravo, who made a mess with Emerson on an outing, the ball was taken by Fidel, who left for Pere Milla. The Catalan finished off and the Betis goalkeeper prevented the goal with a great save.

It was a first half with many alternatives and the tie to one was the most fair.

The second part had less rhythm and was much more tactical. The two teams trying to keep their loot and looking for a final blow. Neither of them reached the area in danger and the goalkeepers were mere spectators. Elche tried with a set piece, while Betis arranged a play in which fortune was about to smile at him. A center-shot by Aitor Rubial was cleared by Gonzalo Verdú and on the rebound Juanmi finished off the post.

Pellegrini tried to be more in control. Located Mid-center channels instead of on the wing and bet on Loren as a center forward. The Andalusian dominance was bland due to the good positioning of the franjiverdes on the pitch. Fidel, who had a lot of prominence with the ball, was the one who tried the most for the people of Elche.

As the game progressed, there was fear of losing. With the time already fulfilled, Elche made a mistake that could be fatall. After a corner kick he retreated very badly. Luckily Juanmi, in three against two, did very badly and finished off at the hands of Edgar Badia. The distribution of points was the most fair.


ELCHE: Edgar Badia, Helibelton Palacios, Gonzalo Verdú, Dani Calvo, Mojica, Iván Marcone, Raúl Guti, Tete Morente (Víctor, m. 71), Pere Milla (Rigoni, m. 80) and Guido Carrillo.

BETIS: Claudio Bravo, Emerson, Mandi, Víctor Ruiz, Álex Moreno, Guido Rodríguez, William Carvalho (Loren, m. 46), Canales, Fekir, Aitor Rubial (Joaquín, m. 71) and Borja Iglesias (Juanami, m. 27).

GOALS: 0-1 m. 11, Borja Iglesias, from a penalty. 1-1 m. 35, Pere Milla.

REFEREE: Cordero Vega, from the Cantabrian school. He showed yellow cards to William Carvalho (m. 19), Víctor Ruiz (m. 47), Aitor Rubial (m. 67), Raúl Guti (m. 73) and Guido Rodríguez (m. 90+)

STADIUM: Martinez Valero. No audience.

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