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Falcao drives Spain crazy: Colombian’s popularity breaks LaLiga records

“El Tigre” has two goals in two games with the franjirrojos.

Photo: Juan Manuel Serrano Arce / Getty Images

The arrival of Radamel Falcao to Rayo Vallecano has triggered the sale of t-shirts of the Madrid club, which is experiencing an authentic revolution with the media interest it is generating, multiplying the monitoring in networks and more than double the interactions in the Colombian publications, second LaLiga player with the most followers on Twitter.

The media impact that Falcao’s presence at Rayo is having is enormous for the modest Madrid team, since The Colombian has more than 17.3 million followers on Twitter, 13 on Facebook and 14 on Instagram. Every photo and comment you put on your social networks is shared by thousands of people.

In fact, the Colombian has more followers on Twitter than the official LaLiga account (7 million) and eighteen of the twenty clubs in the Spanish League, since only the Barcelona (17.4 million) and Real Madrid (38 million) have more followers.

As a player only one, the Spanish Gerard Piqué (20.1 million), has more followers on Twitter than Falcao, who has brought Rayo Vallecano a good dose of new followers in each of his networks, encrypting the club in “more than double” its impacts, both in comments, I like you, and downloads of Photographs.

The impact of Falcao is global although since Rayo they have verified that three are the dominant nationalities in their recent follow-up. From Spain, Colombia and Turkey, the last country he played in, the most numerous new provenance arrives.

That expectation for Falcao’s arrival is also translating into business. Coinciding with the massive official presentation on September 16 at the Vallecas stadium, whose attendance was limited to just over two thousand fans due to capacity restrictions derived from the pandemic, Rayo put on sale this season’s shirts with the serigraphy of the name and the number 3 that he wears on his back.

That same afternoon the first shirts were already sold and a week later, according to EFE from the club, sales have exploded. The proof is the huge line that is set up every day in Calle Payaso Fofó to enter the official store located in a corner of the stadium, which is attended by fans of Rayo and compatriots from Falcao to football fans in general.

The official shirt with its number and name printed has a cost of 80 euros that is bringing great economic profitability to Rayo, although that was not a priority objective.

“It is true that Falcao’s image is global and its impact is international, but his signing has been done strictly for sporting reasons thinking about what he could give us inside the campor ”, assures EFE Raúl Martín Presa.

Online sales are also starting up due to the high demand they are having. The estimate that is made from Umbro, the brand that dresses Rayo is that “The sale will be at least double” compared to last season because also “there are other countries that are interested and the possibility of commercializing the shirt internationally is being considered ”, according to reports to EFE Beni Moret, CEO of Umbro Iberia.

The arrival of Falcao has excited the franjirroja fans to unsuspected limits, being the shirt with the Colombian’s name the most sold in the club’s history, ahead of any other player who has passed through the team in previous years.

This media pull of the figure of Falcao has also contributed the good performance he is giving on his return to the Spanish League with two goals in two games and in just forty minutes of play.

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