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Family Business Congress in Cáceres: Felipe VI: “The moments ahead of us will not be easy”

Arrival of King Felipe VI at the Congress Palace of Cáceres to inaugurate the XXV National Congress of Family Businesses. / GEORGE KING

The monarch has inaugurated this Monday the XXV National Congress of the Family Business, in which he has remembered the towns of Cáceres affected by the fires this summer

Christina Nunez

King Felipe VI acknowledged this Monday in Cáceres the economic difficulties that not only Spain but the whole world is facing due to the consequences of the pandemic, the rise in inflation due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Brexit. “The moments ahead of us are not going to be easy,” the monarch said at the opening of the XXV National Congress of Family Businesses. “You operate in uncertainty and you have to make important decisions,” he pointed out, while evaluating the role played by Spanish family businesses.

Regarding the meeting that is being held today and tomorrow in the capital of Cáceres for the first time, he has indicated that it is “a very interesting meeting forum, analyzes are made that are born of rigor and close knowledge of reality, you not only share visions, we learn to understand more your situation and your valuable contribution to the wealth of our country». Felipe VI has recalled in his speech the towns that have suffered from the fires this summer and that he himself visited. “I send a message of support to the affected neighbors to the extinction teams.”

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The King, who at the end of his words received a long applause with the audience standing, put the finishing touch to the inauguration of this event, which brings together 500 representatives of 100 family businesses that, as Andrés Sendagorta has indicated, President of the Family Business Institute, «they employ 1,100,000 people in the world, have a turnover of 172,000 million euros and generate a gross added value of 43,500 million euros». These are companies that “pay more than 3,000 million euros in corporate tax and some 5,200 million in social contributions,” Sendagorta indicated. Inditex, Ferrovial, Pikolín, Grupo Calvo (preserves), Catalana Occidente, Corporación Hijos de Rivera (Estrella Galicia), Gestmap and Tous are some of the most relevant companies participating in this congress, under the slogan ‘The heartbeat of Spain’ .

Family photo of the participants in the XXV Family Business Congress.


Family photo of the participants in the XXV Family Business Congress. /


The president of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, has indicated that “the Extremadura of 25 years ago would not have had the necessary weight” for this congress to be held here, but that now it is “at the forefront of laws for business development » and has pointed to the improvement of legislation to facilitate the implementation of companies, administrative agility laws, in addition to the modification of the donation tax and aid program for the succession and replacement of the family business.

The president has indicated that Extremadura has to stop being a region of emigration to become one of immigration and be able to live “without the solidarity of others.” “The most productive part of our society has left and for many years Spain has lived very comfortably with this situation,” he pointed out. «We want to compete with the same weapons, for the first time in history we can do it«

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«Extremadura wants to compete with the same weapons and for the first time it can do it»

william fernandez vara

President of Extremadura

After Brexit, the pandemic and the war «the cards are being distributed and in this new time of the recovery of agricultural and economic sovereignty he will be the main actor in the film. The relevant role in the production of solar thermal energy and the presence of available industrial land are two of the strengths highlighted by Guillermo Fernández Vara at the beginning of this congress, which continues today with various events with the participation of the Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría and the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, as well as prominent businessmen.


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