Friday, June 18

Family business revolts against politicians: calls for a “change of attitude”

Francisco Gómez, Maite Antón and Enrique Peláez, during the awards ceremony. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

Without fanfare and with the slow tone that characterizes him, Antón called on them to seek “alliances” and made it clear that it is a claim that goes beyond the business sphere. “I know that I humbly speak on behalf not only of family businesses but of the majority of citizens, saying that a situation like the one we have experienced should make us react and change,” he said, after recalling that at the Elche Congress Center -where the event was moved from the Huerto del Cura by the rain- the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig; that of the Provincial Council, Carlos Mazón; or the mayor of Elche, Carlos González.

Thus, he called for a “change of attitude in our politicians to achieve common goals”, among which he cited the improvement of employment and the economy to achieve better living conditions for all. A change that, in his opinion, would achieve “reconciliation between society and politics.”

In any case, the president of Aefa did not forget other demands and recalled that family businesses account for 92% of the productive fabric and 85% of private employment to demand, once again, “the total reduction of the Inheritance Tax for all companies ”, including those that exceed 10 million euros, which now do not enjoy the advantages that the Consell offers to the rest. Thus, he described as “unfair and incomprehensible” this penalty to larger firms and, on the contrary, recalled that the small business size is one of the weak points of the province, for which he also asked to remove bureaucratic obstacles to the growth of the companies.

Along the same lines, he demanded a generalized reduction in the tax burden of companies. He also referred to the situation caused by the pandemic and highlighted the need for aid for the most affected sectors, “since the money promised either has not arrived or is offered under conditions that make it unfeasible.” Aid that must accompany, in his opinion, “a change in economic strategy to promote innovation and digitization.” Finally, he demanded more agility from the Administration and that at least 40% of European funds reach SMEs.

Maite Antón was not the only one to reprimand politicians yesterday. The winner of the Manuel Peláez Castillo Award, businessman Luis Moltó, also demanded “high-mindedness” and pointed out that “this is not the time to twitch and polarize.” As for the aforementioned, the president of the Provincial Council, Carlos Mazón, was the one who picked up the glove more clearly. “It is never a bad time to agree and improve coordination,” he acknowledged and, to be “coherent,” he extended his hand to the mayor of Elche, Carlos González, to reach an agreement on the future conference center of the city.

For his part, the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, recalled the figure of Rafael Altamira and, specifically one of his phrases, – «What have you done to make your country better every day?» – to also claim « that this is not the time to think about oneself, but to think about the general interest ». “That is what makes the institutions strong,” said Puig.

For his part, the mayor of Elche, Carlos González, stressed that the values ​​of the family business become “real strengths” in times of crisis such as the current one; while the territorial director of CaixaBank, Xicu Costa, pointed out the improvement that the economic situation is experiencing. In addition to Luis Moltó, the Atlántica Agrícola companies, the Ros Advisory Group and the San Vicente Veterinary Hospital were awarded.

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