Tuesday, October 19

Family in the United States seek babysitters and promise $ 100,000 a year

The pandemic has caused life to have radically changed for millions of people around the world, as health restrictions have caused the loss of thousands of businesses and, therefore, sources of employment.

The United States has not been rid of this social and economic problem, which has not only hit employers and workers, but also young people who have not only lost some type of income that they generated with some part-time or sporadic job and also others. that due to lack of money, they have had to abandon their studies.

For all those young people, particularly girls who find themselves in this situation, we have good news for you. If you like children you could apply for a generous job what a few days ago published the staffing agency called Louer, which promises a salary of $ 100,000 a year.

The agency has applied for the vacancy requested by a wealthy US family, who is en search for 3 babysitters to help them take care of their 2 children, a baby and a small child, and for their services they will pay each of them the amount of money mentioned above.

Those applying for babysitting work should consider that they will work about 12 hours a day and will live on the premises of this family’s mansion, located in Presidio Heihgts, in Napa, California, a site where the value of their homes ranges between $ 5 and $ 9 million.

In addition, parents ask for a series of requirements that applicants must meet, including being knowledgeable about child development, having the ability to teach manners and having a notion of etiquette that they can transmit to their children, but at the same time that have the ability to be relaxed and fun people.

Among the tasks that babysitters or babysitters must carry out are: cooking, cleaning and taking or transferring the children to where they need it, as well as accompanying the family to any of the residences that this family has throughout the country, rooms that could last up to 10 weeks.

Other things to do is to support the social and intellectual development aspects of children at all times in the form of games, activities and “organizational projects”, such as choosing toys to donate, rotating clothes according to the season and doing “cleaning” of children, as they grow, every 3 to 6 months.

Those who apply for this vacancy must have a formal presentation and always show a positive attitude. In addition, those chosen must be discreet regarding the life of this family, so they must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Perhaps there are many things to cover, but the family, in addition to the money, will grant them medical insurance, they will enjoy paid vacations and they will have sick leave and an annual bonus for their performance.

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