Sunday, September 19

Family Medicine asks that Christmas be celebrated with the usual cohabitants

A coronavirus patient in an ICU in the province.

A coronavirus patient in an ICU in the province.

The Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (SemFYC) has highlighted this Thursday the need to maintain the security measures during Christmas and has appealed to citizenship to celebrate them with the usual domiciliary cohabitants.

The Infectious Diseases Working Group of this society understands “the pressure to which the different governments are subjected to the need that the population has to meet their own”, but warns that the scientific evidence and previous experiences of flexibility of social distance measures are associated with a high risk.

“The population must assume that we are not free from the pandemic period,” he underlines in a statement in which he refers to the update report of last day 4 “Risk of COVID-19 transmission related to the end-of-year festive season »of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) which assesses the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 to the general population and vulnerable people in the EU at Christmas.

“We are not free from the pandemic. Citizens must assume that beyond saving Christmas, lives must be saved, “they say.

The aforementioned document indicates that “given the current epidemiological situation and the measures implemented, and anticipating the meetings, events, mobility and reports of year-end fatigue to the measures in the EU / EEA and the United Kingdom, the risk that the Covid-19 pandemic represents for the general population is evaluated as high ”and, for vulnerable people, as“ very high ”.

Thus, this group warns that there is a «manifest risk of facing a significant rebound in cases»And even a third wave in the event that social distancing is made more flexible, which would coincide with the annual seasonal flu epidemic.

For this reason, from the aforementioned group they insist on the need for citizens to assume that, “beyond saving Christmas, lives must be saved.”

The scientific society thus joins the recommendation already made by political leaders and epidemiologists and medical experts.

Recently, doctors from the UCI of the province have already warned that Alicante is doomed to a third wave of coronavirus if we choose to relax this Christmas and stop maintaining the distances required by anticovid measures. Dr. Félix Gutiérrez recalled that the virus has not lost its virulence and those of us who are contagious are the people “who can bring death to others.” So it would not be acceptable if this Christmas “we make the same mistake as in summer, lowering the alert and distancing measures.”

The same warning is made by mathematicians who make projections of the situation of the pandemic. With the data in hand and taking into account previous experiences, all those who contribute their studies to this newspaper say that the downward trend in infections will only be maintained if the public continues with the measures. With the decline in infections comes the decrease in hospital admissions and that of people in the ICU, which should be remembered, stands at 85 in the province. Experts agree that the way the Christmas holidays are lived will be crucial to avoid a third wave of covid infections.

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