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Family sues Tesla over son’s death from autopilot failure

Elon Musk’s Tesla adds a fatal accident due to failures attributable to its autopilot system.

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Tesla was sued by a San Francisco family that holds her responsible for the death of their 15-year-old son, after an accident caused by the failure of the autopilot of one of his Model 3 cars.

The New York Times reported that the Bay Area family filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk’s company for a fatal accident that occurred in 2019 on I-880.

The indictment filed in Alameda County Superior Court in San Francisco details that the Tesla pilot “has defects and did not react to traffic conditions”.

The events occurred when the boy’s father, Bejamín Maldonado, was traveling with his family in a pickup truck on his way home.

According to the narration, those affected were hit by a Tesla Model 3 when Maldonado tried to change lanes, but when he realized that the car was approaching fast, he tried to return to his original lane, but he did not succeed and the vehicle crashed into his truck.

The Tesla was traveling at approximately 60 mph on autopilot and did not slow down “until a fraction of a second before the accident,” so the accident could not be avoided.

The facts were captured by Tesla’s own traffic camera and the video was obtained by the New York Times and presented as evidence to authorities.

The Maldonado family also accuses the driver and passenger of the Tesla, identified as Romeo Lagman Yalung and Vilma Lagman, but so far no formal complaint has been filed with the court.

Tesla, the company of millionaire Elon Musk, has not commented on the lawsuits or responded to the accusations about the operation of the “Autopilot”, which is one of the main peculiarities of the Tesla.

The autopilot uses cameras and sensors to keep the car in the correct position on the highway, but unfortunately this is not the only accident reported for failures attributable to this function.

Last April two people were killed in an accident in Houston, Texas, after the Tesla in which they were traveling, with no one at the wheel, crashed and caught fire.

On another occasion, a Model S crashed into a patrol that was parked by the road, heading for Washington. The agent in charge of the patrol was attending a crash report a few meters from the incident.

The Tesla function has received criticism for its functionality and safety, as Due to his assistance, several spectacular accidents have occurred.

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