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Family with 5 children would receive nearly $ 10,000 per stimulus check under new package signed by Biden

By Beatriz Limón

PHOENIX, Arizona – As a “breath of air”, Latino families will receive the stimulus of $ 1,400 dollars that signed this Thursday the presidente Joe Biden, since for many Hispanics this measure represents a boost for their economies, devastated by the pandemic of the COVID-19.

Nefthali Delgado, mother of five children, acknowledged to Efe that this money, which will begin to reach Americans’ checking accounts in the coming days, will help them “a lot”, since she assures that her husband Luis Zárate does not have any stable income: “Some days you have a job, and others you don’t.”

“With the pandemic, he stopped working for a while, and his job is very unstable, since he is dedicated to laying floors. On Monday she did not work and on Tuesday she got a ‘chambita’ on her own, and because the children need to eat, ”said the housewife born in Phoenix (Arizona).

The numbers

With the approval of the $ 1.9 trillion dollar fiscal rescue plan, the third in the world’s leading economy, it is intended to counteract the crisis caused by COVID-19 and thus help families who have lost their jobs or are in an economic situation hard.

This law includes new direct payments of $ 1,400 to taxpayers with incomes of up to $ 75,000 per year per person, an amount greater than the checks of $ 600 and $ 1,200 that were issued in previous stimulus packages.

To this must be added that the Democratic rescue plan will raise the tax allowance for children between the ages of 6 and 17 to $ 3,000 – one thousand more than now – and up to a maximum of $ 3,600 for children under 6 years of age.

Nearly $ 10,000 for a family of seven

With seven members who will make up the Zarate family, they will receive $ 9,800, money that, he said, will “greatly relieve” them of rent payments, utility bills and food.

“The food has gone up a lot, it is already very expensive to run the errand, just yesterday I went to the store and I only bought bread, milk, juices, eggs and chicken and it was $ 130 dollars, and that I take from the cheapest, but each way the supermarket now spends more than $ 100 dollars, “said Delgado, 29 years old.

And they are not only “struggling” with the pantry, but they have to buy clothes and shoes for their 12-year-old children Karen, Kimberly (6 years), Sofía (4), Jimena (3) and Manuel (1).

“That money would help us a lot with the return of the children to school. They need shoes and uniforms, it would be a less expense, since my husband does not always have a job, ”she reaffirmed.

Delicate situation

Zárate, born in the Federal District (Mexico) and emigrated to the United States, reiterated that his work has dropped a lot.

“Sometimes they do not call me to work, why lie, suddenly if we see it tight, the help of the Government would not fall bad,” he said, hopeful.

The new bailout also extends unemployment benefits of $ 300 per week until the beginning of September, since the current funds expire on March 14, a deadline that both the White House and the Democrats in both houses had set to have the project finalized.

Additionally, the package allocates $ 350 billion for state and local governments, $ 170 billion for the reopening of schools, $ 14 billion to strengthen the vaccination plan, and another $ 46 billion for the coronavirus testing system. .

The bailout promoted by Biden will join the $ 900,000 million that Congress pushed in December and the $ 2.2 trillion, the largest in the history of the country, in March 2020, under the presidency of the Republican. Donald Trump.

“Because of the pandemic, we had a very difficult time, but taking the accounts, 1,400 dollars per child and per adult is good money that will help us a lot to get ahead,” said Delgado, who only dedicates himself to taking care of his five children, and with it check will have better means to be able to do it.

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