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Fans debate if The Batman is the best DC movie

Fans who have already seen The Batman are debating whether it is the best DC movie ever made.

It has been made to beg, but finally we have The Batman in theaters, the new DC movie that makes yet another reboot of the iconic vigilante and that this time brings to life Robert Pattinson.

While many fans were somewhat reluctant for the Twilight actor to play Batman in the new Matt Reeves movie, it seems that Pattinson’s performance is leaving many with their mouths open.

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At least that is how the fans who have already been able to go to the cinema to see The Batman are expressing it through social networks, coming out so delighted with it that right now they are debating whether The Batman is the best DC movie ever made to date.

Of course, without going into spoilers, fans are especially highlighting Robert Pattinson’s performance as Bruce Wayne / Batman, even considering it the best performance of all.

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman is the best performance I’ve seen in this superhero genre and Batman in general, you feel his frustration“.

In addition to Pattinson’s performance, it also stands out from the film that it is an excellent detective story, highlighting the facet of the Batman Detective from the DC comics.

Robert Pattinson is absolutely the BEST Batman put on screen. And maybe Bruce Wayne. Batman is challenged in a way that I’ve wanted to see for a long time. Pattinson embroidered it. It’s the DETECTIVE story of all time“.

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There are also those who consider that the movie The Batman is made by true fans of superhero comicshighlighting how Matt Reeves has been able to understand the background of the character very well.

The Batman is the only adaptation of Batman that truly feels like it was made by people who truly love Bruce Wayne and understand his character and his mythos.“.

The movie The Batman is available in theaters from this March 4, 2022. We for our part share our enthusiasm for the film through our spoiler-free review of The Batman.

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