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Fantasy Defense Rankings Week 13: Who to start with, sit D / ST in fantasy football

Week 13 marks the point in the season where injuries can really wreak havoc on our fantasy defense rankings. Sleepers can emerge quickly based on key offensive injuries, while normally solid D / STs can plummet based on who they lose. We’ve seen that happen with the Steelers this year, and we know it will happen more often down the stretch.

We are losing several solid D / STs due to breaks this week, as all the Packers, Panthers, Titans and Browns have been in fantasy lineups on a fairly regular basis, at least as of late. However, eliminating most of these offenses helps more than it hurts, as only the Panthers were an “exploitable” D / ST matchup.

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We mentioned the Steelers earlier, and they continue to slide down the rankings with a showdown against the Ravens. Pittsburgh still has enough talent to make a big play or two, but it’s hard to put him on the roster, never mind starting this week. The Patriots (@ Bills), Broncos (@ Chiefs), Saints (vs. Cowboys) and Bengals (vs. Chargers) are the other notable D / STs with particularly tough matchups this week. We’d stick with the Patriots for their high floor and ceiling, but the rest should be on the benches. A few weeks ago, we would also have said we stayed with the Broncos, but Kansas City seems to have fixed some of their offensive problems, and we know Andy Reid is lethal after a break, especially at home.

Field marshal | Running backwards | Wide receiver | Tight end | Kicker

If you need a streamer to replace your lineup, the Dolphins (vs. Giants), Vikings (@ Lions), Chiefs (vs. Broncos), Giants (@ Dolphins) and Raiders (vs. Washington) are at stake. The Giants and Raiders are your high-risk, “boom or bust” options if you think you’ll need big points, but the other three should have pretty solid floors. We wouldn’t have said that about the Chiefs even a few weeks ago, but with just 47 total offensive points allowed in the last four games, plus 11 sacks and seven points in that span, Kansas City is back on the map in favor. clashes like this.

Overall, there are a lot of decent D / STs this week. Not everything will work out, of course, but you should at least feel good about your defense heading into Sunday. Playing the matchups, and viewing the injury report, is especially important at this time of the season, and choosing the right defense can make the difference between competing for a title or being relegated to DFS contests during the final weeks of the season. . .

Note: We will update these D / ST rankings throughout the week, so check back for the latest player movement and analysis.

Fantasy Defense Rankings Week 13: Who to start with, sit D / ST in fantasy football

Rank Player
1 Los Angeles Rams vs. JAX
2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at ATL
3 Philadelphia Eagles @ NYJ
4 Indianapolis Colts at HOU
5 Arizona Cardinals at CHI
6 Buffalo Bills vs. NE
7 Miami Dolphins vs. NYG
8 Dallas Cowboys @ NO
9 Minnesota Vikings in IT
10 New England Patriots at BUF
eleven Baltimore Ravens at PIT
12 Kansas City Chiefs vs. DEN
13 Las Vegas Raiders vs. WAS
14 New York Giants @ MIA
fifteen Denver Broncos at KC
sixteen Pittsburgh Steelers vs. BAL
17 San Francisco 49ers @ SEA
18 Chicago Bears vs. ARI
19 New Orleans Saints vs. DAL
twenty Cincinnati Bengals vs. LAC
twenty-one Seattle Seahawks vs. SF
22 Los Angeles Chargers @ CIN
23 Houston Texans vs. IND
24 New York Jets vs. PHI
25 Washington Soccer Team @ LV
26 Detroit Lions vs. MIN
27 Jacksonville Jaguars @ LAR
28 Atlanta Falcons vs. TB

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