Wednesday, January 20

Fantasy, love and aquatic terror

The Aspern Papers.  Around with Henry James

The Aspern Papers. Around with Henry James

The healing power of imagination

After playing Maleficent twice in the two Evil Mistress films, Angelina Jolie shows that she is comfortable in the family genre, playing Once Upon a Time … the mother of two young children who have recently suffered a loss.

Long before their adventures in Wonderland and Neverland, Alice and Peter are two normal children, who use the power of their imagination to build fantastic worlds in which they can take refuge from cruel reality.

A film completed by David Oyelowo, who surprised us in 2013 with Selma, and Michael Caine, whose presence is always synonymous with quality.

The director of Brave, Brenda Chapman, presents us with this film a review of the most iconic stories, where we will not know where reality begins and fantasy ends.

Contagion on the high seas. Parasites

Secrets between the pages

From the UK comes a period thriller, adapting Henry James’s best-known and most acclaimed short novel, The Aspern Papers.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the charismatic protagonist of Match Point, plays an ambitious editor, who, in the late 19th century, is obsessed with the romantic poet Jeffrey Aspern and his short and passionate life. He travels from the United States to Venice determined to get the letters that Aspern sent to his lover and muse, a woman who jealously guards his secrets …

Jon Kortajarena also participates in this story in which nothing is what it seems and where intrigue and the search for truth try to catch the viewer …

This is the second film adaptation of the novel, after a free version released in 2010. Henry James serialized The Aspern Papers in a magazine, and was based to conceive its story in a real case. What is behind Jeffrey Aspern’s secret?

Once upon a time … Fusion of stories

An unconditional love

And a very human comedy crosses the border from France. I will go wherever you go presents us with the story of Vali and Mina, two completely opposite sisters, and separated by their different personalities.

Vali is a singer, dreamer, naive and emotional. Mina is a distant, calculating and rational therapist.

Her father will try to reconcile them by making them go to an audition in Paris together. A long road trip where they must remember what brought them together when they were little and learn to bridge their differences.

In the open sea no one can hear you scream

And finally, comes a maritime thriller from Ireland. The IMF cinemas in Torrevieja are the only ones in the province where this harrowing horror story will be screened, in its original version with subtitles.

With a tone reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing and Alien: the Eighth Passenger, Contagion lands on the high seas. After its passage in the official selection of the Sitges Festival, this film presents a crew that must face against the clock a parasite that has crept into their water supply. A fight for survival in which no one can rest easy.

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