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Far Cry 6: A hilarious game with a script that looks like it was written by the CIA

Far Cry 6 it’s a hilarious delirium. Something that is always appreciated in an action video game with missions that are little less than a salad of shots, hosts and explosions with a soundtrack that looks like a playlist from a Latin disco. A game that is a succession of exciting follies with a script as a common thread that it seems written by that CIA obsessed with assassinating Fidel Castro and establishing a pro-American regime in Havana but who went on sale in October 2021.

The video game itself warns its initial loading screen that, little less, any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence. However, Yara (which is what the game island is called) oozes Cuba on all four sides: a Caribbean island where people get on any ship to flee to Miami, where the Soviets had an important presence until the 1980s, which has an extraordinarily developed R&D system in the field of medicine Despite poverty, with compulsory military service and a revolution a few decades ago in which the president took power and runs the country with an iron fist with a firm nationalism antiyankee.

Everything smells like Cuba in FarCry 6

That, not to mention that before It was a Spanish colony, that the cars you see on the street are a mix between pre-1960s North American passenger cars and Soviet Lada Zhiguli cars, that throughout the title there is a kind of glorification about building and transforming things using scrap metal and that the protagonist of Far Cry 6 that we handle is basically the incarnation of the derogatory term “worm” that Castroism was born.

There is also a medley of elements associated with the imaginary about the banana republics like military men with many epaulettes, corruption at the tip of the shovel, beach bars and polioperated posh ladies who occupy good positions in the administration and who are much whiter than the rest of the population.

The starting point of the title that the dictator who rules the island has developed an effective cure for cancer based on a local plant whose production is increasing exponentially to export these treatments worldwide.

The scenarios are strongly reminiscent of Cuba.
The scenarios are strongly reminiscent of Cuba.

In order to comply with these production quotas, some citizens are called by lottery in the form of a lottery to work in the fields. This is what happens to our protagonist who, however, choose to escape to Miami by boat, in an escape that is frustrated and during which his two friends will die at the hands of the army.

It will be a great propaganda weapon

From that moment on, the different characters are constantly giving the rattle that the solution is to overthrow the president and that fleeing to the United States is not an option because they will be “cleaning toilets” there.

Foster internal insurrection while discarding the idea that they will have a better life in the United States. Therefore, if you told me that this game was made to be launched in Cuba together with gaming, it will create it for me. Total, Five years ago something similar happened in North Korea in real lifeVideo players and USB sticks with chapters of Friends and other North American series secretly sneaked into the KIM country

Caribbean jungle
Caribbean jungle in Far Cry 6.

And at this point one of the things that give FarCry 6 a special charm: the promotion of the insurrection by the insurrection. A de-ideologized insurrection but favorable to North American interests in which a good lady from the island who has become a revolutionary and a veteran of the country’s secret services who was a communist but went over to the CIA, they tell us literally.

The taste for contradictions of Far Cry 6

The protagonist that we manage without office or profit whose only, constant and tireless work consists in overthrowing at all costs a president who through public policies has promoted the cure against cancer and for that before we have to kill thousands of his soldiers during the game. Some soldiers who are probably boys and girls doing the military since, according to a non-playable character at the beginning of the game, in Yara everyone has served in the military and everyone has been in the army. Our protagonist included.

In addition, to make matters worse, the only soldiers we will not have to kill are those who allow themselves to be bribed and who, in exchange for a few pesos, will provide us with information about the plans or deposits of weapons of the army. A moral mechanics of punishing loyalty with death and rewarding corruption with money that is interesting to see in a video game.

From Los Pollos Heramanos to banana dictator in Far Cry 6

To compensate, the script portrays the president as an unsympathetic gentleman who should certainly sit before an international criminal court.

The dictator -the actor Giancarlo Esposito, which you probably know about the character of Gus Fring in Breaking Bad O Better Call Saul– is a man worse than a toothache, who (literally) does not want even his own son and who encourages his soldiers to have the easy trigger when it comes to maintaining public order against the various subversive organizations and against the general population.

The actor GIancarlo Esposito, our n
Actor GIancarlo Esposito, our in-game nmesis, rose to fame for his role in Breaking Bad.

Some subversive organizations (former landowners, twentysomething rappers still in the turkey age and clichéd revolutionaries) and criminals (we have to make small orders for the local lumpen) that we try to unify or we collaborate with throughout Far Cry 6 to overthrow the owner of Los Pollos Hermanos turned into a Caribbean tyrant.

One of the aspects in favor of this game is that it allows us to look for the internal contradictions or the historical-cultural references about the Caribbean with which it is plagued or simply to enjoy the orga of violence, death and destruction passing olmpically from the script and the narrative development if we do not feel like reading or walking around watching cinematics.

An untactical game to play with friends

It is a game that also has a cooperative way (so we can fully enjoy it with a friend who has an Internet connection) but it can also be fully enjoyed to play alone.

Chorizo, one of the accompany
Chorizo, one of Far Cry 6’s animal companions.

Nevertheless, the solo game offers a less strategic approach than its FarCry 5 predecessor. In the previous title you could order two soldiers (bots from the game itself) to accompany you and give them orders during combat. In this way, it was possible to attack a point from different flanks, have sniper support or air support.

However (unless we play cooperatively with a friend) in the FarCry 6 Only animals will accompany us, so a more direct, violent and brutal approach at the time of engaging in combat.

Above all, a video game must be entertaining and FarCry 6 is very entertaining. Lovers of open world action games who like shooting, explosions and exploring thousands of different ways to take down their enemies will certainly enjoy this title. available for Plastation 4, for PS5, for PC and XBox.

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