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Father and son who killed hispanic in Florida did so to obtain custody of a minor

Christopher Otero-Rivera (i) and his father Ángel Rivera (d) were sentenced this Wednesday to life imprisonment for the death of Nicole Montalvo, wife and mother of the son of the first of them.

Osceola County Jail / EFE

The father and son who killed and dismembered Nicole Montalvo, the second’s wife, committed the crime in order to remain in custody of their son.

Christopher Otero-Rivera, 33, and Angel Rivera, 66, They were sentenced this Wednesday to life imprisonment for the murder of the 33-year-old Hispanic woman reported in 2019.

A jury found both men guilty of second degree murder, tampering with evidence and dismembering a corpse in mid-April.

Aside from life sentences, Judge Keith Carsons sentenced father and son to another 15 years in jail for the dismemberment of the body, and five more for alteration of evidence.

Montalvo was last seen alive on October 21. of the aforementioned years when he left the 9-year-old son he had with Otero-Rivera at school.

Killers buried the body of the victim in two properties

The woman’s remains were found six days later at two Rivera family properties.

Montalvo’s body was burned, cut into pieces and buried.

“I cannot forget the brutality of their efforts to hide the crime or the pain they caused Nicole Montalvo’s family,” the judge said when sentencing.

Father and son killed Nicole over custody lawsuit

Prosecutors showed in court that the murderers committed the brutal attack to obtain full custody of the minor.

One of Nicole’s brothers, Edward Montalvo, said that, for years, he and other family members tried to convince his sister to leave Otero-Rivera as she was constantly being torn apart and dismissed as if she never mattered.

Another of the woman’s siblings, Steven, recounted the family’s grief at the loss.

“She was never able to express the pain that she felt, the pain that she felt, because of what happened, all that she had to endure, she is supposed to be the person speaking here today,” stated the relative.

Wanda Nereida Rivera was also charged in connection with the Montalvo murder. The woman faces charges of tampering with evidence and making false statements.

The status of the criminal case and whether it will face trial is unclear.

Otero-Rivera had kidnapped Nicole in 2018

In 2018, the victim had been abducted at knife point by her husband and another woman, according to documents from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

The information that My News 13 reviewed indicates that the authorities did not proceed with the more serious charge of kidnapping with intent to inflict physical harm and robbery against the man as part of a plea agreement.

Additionally, the judge imposed an adjudication withholding against Otero-Rivera on charges of tampering with a witness.

In the case of the female, she was acquitted of the accusations.

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