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Father’s Day 2021: 6 popular beers of Mexican origin to celebrate dad

Beer is one of the most emblematic products of Mexican cultureIt is also considered a basic element in the pairing of numerous regional dishes. The production of beer has a very long history in Mexico, not in vain it ranks first in the world in beer exports and fourth in production. This popular barley drink has become a national emblem, to the extent that it is currently a fully productive industry and an essential part of the Mexican economy. Today thousands of Mexicans are involved in the value chain of the beer agribusiness, the truth is that behind each beer there are different breweries committed to the quality and taste of their products, distinguished by their stories of effort and work. And that without a doubt they have gone around the world and conquered even the most demanding palates.

The reality is that there are many historical references to beer brewing in Mexico, most of which date back to the 19th century. When the Germans who lived in Mexico began to brew beer commercially, the rest is history since they quickly Their lager variants became the best-selling beers in Mexico. Currently most are exported to the United States, however their quality is such that they are also available in 150 countries around the world. Today Mexico is characterized by large industrial beer producing houses and the famous microbreweries, which are considered a new trend in the Mexican beer industry and have given birth to unique variants of craft beer.

Without a doubt, beer is the favorite alcoholic beverage of Mexican parents, it is well known that for many it is a pleasant custom to enjoy the most traditional Mexican dishes and snacks with a cold beer. What would a plate of pozole or some tacos al pastor be without a good beer to accompany it? This Sunday, June 20, we celebrate Father’s Day and it is the perfect excuse to enjoy the arrival of summer, pampering the kings of the home with their favorite food and these original 100% Mexican beers. They stand out for their great taste and quality, take notes and surprise dad with his favorite whims.

1. Black Model

One of the most popular Mexican dark beer variants internationally is Negra Modelo. It tells the story that was first crafted by Austrian expats in Mexico. It is considered one of the strongest variants, compared to other Mexican beers due to its alcoholic content of 5.4% and it is the best-selling black beer in Mexico. It is not heavy, it has the right combination of Galena hops, caramel and black malts, it has a bittersweet taste and the slight bitterness of the hops is balanced by the sweetness of fruits and nuts. Experts recommend enjoying it with slightly fattier meats and spicier sauces. In addition, the flavors of the chili peppers are very good, because they highlight the toast of the malt and also, believe it or not, it is a good pairing for some chocolate-based desserts. Surprise dad with some delicious BBQ ribs, steak or rib tacos or with a delicious grilled hamburger, accompanied by a cold Negra Modelo.

Black Beer Modelo
Black Beer Modelo. / Photo: Amazon

2. Victoria

Victoria is one of the oldest beer brands of Grupo Modelo, one of the large beer companies in Mexico that exports beer to most countries in the world. It is the ideal alternative for many since it is the perfect combination between a light and dark beer, its tenor is medium, light complexion and its balanced alcoholic content is of the 4.0% with a slightly bitter taste. Its flavor and aroma reflect its association with Austrian pilsner styles, it is made from yeast, hops, corn and black malt, which give it a beautiful golden amber color. Regarding the perfect pairing, experts advise enjoying it with dishes made with cheese such as nachos, cheese boards, some pasta and ceviches.

Victoria Beer
Victoria beer. / Photo: Amazon

3. Pacific

The Mexican beer Pacífico receives its name from Cervecería del Pacifico, the place where the Germans made it for the first time. Currently it has become one of the most exported beers on the West Coast, it is characterized by its pale color and mild sweetness. Its alcoholic content is only 4.5%, thanks to this it is a quite appropriate variant to drink during the day and hot season. It is ideal to enjoy chilled on summer afternoons, it is a bright, refreshing beer and it goes wonderfully with a lime wedge. If Dad is a seafood lover, this is simply the ideal beer option: It goes wonderfully with fish, breaded shrimp, ceviches, cocktails, and seafood tacos.

Pacific Beer
Pacific Beer. / Photo: Amazon

4. Dos Equis

Dos Equis was the brainchild of a German expat named Wilhem Hasse and has the advantage of having two options “Stock style” for consumers: amber and clear (green bottle). The clear variants are among the most consumed, characterized by their refreshing and certainly spicy flavor, it is a full-bodied beer that offers a very particular caramel blend. It has an alcohol content of 4, 7%, a faint malt flavor and a hint of citrus aroma. It is one of the preferred variants of the men of the house, due to its balance and personality, on the pairing without a doubt it is the perfect accompaniment to a good plate of pozole, beef picadillo and suckling pig.

Dos Equis Beer
Dos Equis beer. / Photo: Amazon

5. Tecate

One of the variants of the favorite beer of the Northerners, that is to say, of the North of the Mexican Republic. It is a beer that receives its peculiar name in reference to the city of Tecate, municipality of the state of Baja California in northwestern Mexico. With an alcoholic content of 4.6%, it is striking to say that it was the first canned beer in Mexico. It stands out for its bright lager-style flavor and is a delicious combination of hops and malts. It is a very popular beer in Mexico for its association with sports teams and events. With 60 years of experience, it comes in two presentations: Tecate Light and Tecate Original, for obvious reasons Tecate light has a lower alcoholic strength, which is 3.9%. Ideal to be enjoyed with seafood and sea dishes, roast beef tacos, pasta and rice dishes.

Tecate light
Tecate light. /Foto: Amazon

6. Special model

One of the oldest beers in Mexico is the Modelo Especial, it was made for the first time in 1925 and is the second most famous beer in Mexico. There are interesting data that place it as Grupo Modelo’s third best-selling beer in the United States. It is a Pilsner-style beer, with a fresh and balanced flavor, it also has a touch of light hops and has an aroma of orange blossom honey. It is very pale in color, has a citrus and herbal touch, as well as an alcohol content of 4.5%. Pamper dad with a delicious paella, a creamy pasta, a vegetable wok, a grilled chorizo ​​and a good cut of meat, they are the perfect pairing for this style of beer.

Special model
Special Model./Photo: Amazon

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