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Fauci amid controversy over emails about COVID-19 he sent at the beginning of the pandemic

At the press conferences on COVID-19, Trump and Fauci became antagonistic characters.

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If there is a respected character in the fight against COVID-19 in the United States, his name is Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has now become a trend in social networks after revealing the emails that he exchanged with different areas and characters when the pandemic was just beginning.

The messages reveal the chaos that was experienced at the beginning of 2020 with the advance of cases in China and the appointment of a pandemic in March, but also the growing criticism of Fauci even from the government of the former president Donald Trump. The messages reveal two different narratives, one defended by Fauci based on science and the other by officials attached to political issues.

The emails were obtained by The Washigton Post through the Freedom of Information Law and an article from the magazine Science, He quoted a senior Chinese health official as saying that the United States and other Western nations were making a “big mistake” by not asking people to wear face protection.

The official, George Gao, was concerned that the comment might upset his old friend Fauci, so Gao wanted to clarify it.

“I saw the interview of Science, How could you say a word like ‘big mistake’ about others? That was the journalist’s writing. I hope you understand, ”wrote Gao, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The mail was sent on March 28. “Let’s work together to eliminate the virus from the earth.”

Fauci’s response was kind, he understood the madness that was unleashing the increase in cases worldwide and how the US was becoming the epicenter.

“I completely understand it. No problem, ”Fauci replied. “We will get through this together.”

The Post managed to get 866 pages of emails. It is a March and April 2020 correspondence from the director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, who then sought to bring coherence to the Trump Administration on a narrative full of conspiracy theories.

Despite at that time the effort of Republicans and President Trump himself to minimize the pandemic, now that Fauci leads the president’s effort Joe Biden Against the health and economic effects, those who did not listen seek to blame the expert for the failure of the Republican government.

“During the daily televised briefings by the White House, Fauci emerged as a sometimes reluctant and polarizing media star: for Trump supporters, was an opponent who seemed to undermine the president at all times, while others saw him as a reassuring voice of reason, ”the report of the Post. “The emails show that he was inundated with correspondence from colleagues, hospital administrators, foreign governments, and random strangers (about 1,000 messages a day …).”

Other outlets have reviewed the emails, including BuzzFeed Y The New York Post, The latter being the most critical of Fauci and accusing him of contributing to the theory that the virus did not emerge from a laboratory in China, despite recent reports that may lead to that direction and that even led President Biden to request a further investigation. deep.

“I was getting all kinds of questions, mostly people who were a bit confused about the mixed messages coming out of the White House and wanted to know what the real scoop was,” Fauci is quoted.

There were also concerns for the safety of the scientist, after face threats from Trump supporters who blamed him for supporting social distancing rules that forced schools and businesses to close. Gao wrote to him again.

“I saw some news (I hope they are false) that [usted] is being attacked by some people. I hope he is well in such an irrational situation, ”Gao wrote on April 8.

“Thank you for your kind note,” Fauci replied three days later. “Everything is fine despite some crazy people in this world.”

By then, Fauci already had a full-time security team.

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