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Fauci explodes against Republican Rand Paul and accuses his attacks result in death threats against him and his family

Dr. Fauci accused Senator Rand Paul of attacking him and, at the same time, asking for donations for his campaign.

Dr. Fauci accused Senator Rand Paul of attacking him and, at the same time, asking for donations for his campaign.

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At your Senate hearing, Dr. Anthony Fauci accused Republican Rand Paul (Kentucky) of spreading lies that have resulted in death threats against the infection expert and his family.

Paul rebuked Fauci about handling the pandemic, pointing out that he used his $ 420,000 annual salary to attack scientists who disagree with his policies.

America’s Leading Infectious Disease Expert and Senior Advisor to the Actions of the President’s Government Joe Biden against the COVID-19 pandemic responded to Paul accusing him of spreading lies and distorting information, which has led to death threats against him and his family, even citing the arrest of a person carrying an AR-15 with various ammunition, who He would have confessed that he was going to kill Fauci.

“He launches personal attacks on me and with absolutely no evidence of anything he says. So I would like to make something clear to the committee: it is doing this for political reasons, ”Fauci said.

The expert insisted that Paul tries to distract public opinion about the battle against the pandemic.

“(Paul) distracts from what we are all trying to do here today, is address the pandemic … Not something imaginary,” he said.

Fauci then pointed out that the Republican’s comments have led to threats against him and his family.

“I guess I could say well, that’s the way it is, I can take the hit. Well, it makes a difference … Because as some of you may know, only about three or four weeks ago, on December 21, a person was arrested on his way from Sacramento to Washington, DC, at a police checkpoint in Iowa. they asked … the police asked him where he was going, and he said he was going to Washington, DC to kill Dr. Fauci. “

Fauci ended his comment by noting that the Republican uses the attacks against him to ask for campaign donations.

“Now I wonder, why would the Senator want to do this?” Said Fauci, who showed an impression of the Republican’s campaign website, where he pointed to the request for donations. “Go to the Rand Paul website and you will see ‘Fire Dr. Fauci’ in a little box that says, ‘Contribute here.’ I could win $ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 100, so you are turning a catastrophic epidemic into your political game. ”

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