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Favorites to win the title in Formula 1 2021

Lewis Hamilton celebrates one of his wins in the 2020 season

Lewis Hamilton celebrates one of his wins in the 2020 season

The season that starts on March 28 at the Bahrain Grand Prix will have again an undisputed favorite for the title: the seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton. The pilot of Mercedes he has earned, both in his own right and because of the competitive superiority of his car, to be once again the top contender for the title.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere within the team is far from ideal. The tough negotiations for its renewal finally concluded with an agreement for this year only. Furthermore, Hamilton himself has recently pointed out that Red Bull It is emerging as the strongest team at the start of the season, in what is hinted at as a wake-up call to its team.

However, all the resources of the German firm will once again be available to the British driver, who should not be particularly concerned about his teammate. Finnish Valteri Bottas fits perfectly in the role of escort And, although it is foreseeable that he will achieve victories throughout the 2021 financial year, he does not have as many options as Hamilton.

The big concern for Mercedes may be this year at Red Bull. The Austrian team presents a competitive double driver formed by the Dutch Max Verstappen and the mexican Sergio perez. The first of them is called to star in great moments in the championship if he leaves his precipitation behind and achieves greater regularity throughout the races.

Red Bull, with Honda engines, wants recover the shine that treasured in the times of Sebastian Vettel. The performance of his car in the last stage of the last World Cup and the hopeful pre-season sessions in Bahrain fuel optimism, although it remains to be seen if all this is enough to discuss the title for Hamilton. The Mexican Pérez promises to be one of the animators of this World Cup.

A step behind both teams are teams like Ferrari, Alpine Y McLaren. Carlos Sainz makes his debut at the controls of the red racing car knowing that his teammate, Charles Leclerc, is the one who should lead the singing voice within ‘Scudería’. But Sáinz’s illusion to continue growing is maximum, and it is not ruled out that he has a battle for the top positions in more than one race.

Fernando Alonso go back to Formula 1 after three years in other adventures, such as the Indy 500, the 24 Hours of Le Mans or the Dakar. He does so while driving the Alpine car, the name Renault cars receive this year. The Asturian was already champion in 2005 and 2006 with the French firm And, despite the fact that for the moment he chooses to be cautious, the competitive tension of the Spanish guarantees that he will offer a show in a year with a record of races in the World Cup (23). Your teammate will be Esteban Ocón, that will fight to establish itself in the ‘Great Circus’.

McLaren, meanwhile, will try to approach the splendor of times past, although the truth is that he is still far from the elite. For this it has been done with the services of the Australian Daniel Ricciardo, who will share a team with the British Lando Norris. Uncertain is presented the adventure of Sebastian Vettel with the new team Aston Martin. The German disappointed in his time at Ferrari and will now have less pressure, accompanied by Lance Stroll.

Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri) Y Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) aspire to sneak into the top spots in a race if the favorites drop. And another of the points of interest will be to attend at the debut of Mick, the son of Michel Schumacher, in the team Haas. Finally, another classic firm, the British Williams, with the pilot George Russell, opens a new property after the family that gives its name to the team gave up its power.

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